Cleansing is one of the most important aspects of skin care. Often overlooked or rushed, if you only slowed down and took the time to cleanse your skin properly you would see many increased benefits of your beautiful, natural vitamin and mineral enriched toner and moisturiser. The ritual of cleansing your face is also an important aspect of self-care.

Not only does cleansing the skin in the morning remove oil and sweat that the skin releases during the night, it prepares the skin to best absorb the nutrients from your moisturiser and positively effects the way you feel setting you up for a great day. As the day comes to an end your evening cleansing ritual is also an exquisite way to prepare you for rest and to honor yourself for the day that has been. We believe beauty is much more than the just the act of cleansing, toning or moisturising. Each step is a ritual in itself. To enhance the cleansing ritual we suggest using a cotton face cloth and nice warm water to help remove those impurities, sweat, oil and makeup. A drop of lavender into the water is a secret cleansing tip that works a treat. Lavender is cleansing, healing, and cell regenerating. It also smells divine and has a sense of calm on both the skin and the mind. Enjoy!