If ‘truth is beauty and beauty is truth’, as John Keats says, why does society fool itself with anti-aging products? No product can stop the aging process. If we embrace it gracefully, it’s natural, it’s inevitable and it’s beautiful. Unfortunately our society has somehow got it backwards. It seems like aging is one of those unfortunate things to suffer after the age of 30. But in reality it is around 30 that most of us start to understand who you really are, appreciate the real things in life and acquire a little more maturity. Well we actually believe that no matter what age you are you can look and feel gorgeous! 

It’s more about creating a positive beauty mindset and stop trying to ‘anti-age’. We should celebrate the years we live. Embrace and enjoy them. Don’t get down about aging or feel as though we have lost our youth. My grandmother always said to me ‘The worst thing about getting old – is not getting old.’ How true is that! The key then is to invest in your health and wellbeing and maintain that youthful vibrance.

We all do financial planning for our retirement. We also need to do some health planning for now and later. Investing in your health today carries huge rewards and is worth every ounce of commitment! Here is a Twenty8 Ageing Gracefully Checklist:

Keep a healthy attitude no matter what your age. 

Love and respect the body God’s given you. You only get one body, one chance, so make the most of it. Remember, how you feel about yourself is reflected in your presence, your posture, your energy levels and especially your skin!

Get a handle on stress. 

Life is always going to be more stressful at some times than at others. Learn to balance it and keep control of it. Recognise the signs of chronic stress and don’t be a martyr. Get help if need be.

Know yourself and be willing to learn about others.

Understanding people’s differences and personalities can be a huge tool when it comes to relating to others. Be willing to explore these and appreciate that people are different – not necessarily wrong.

Feed your face with fantastic food.

Skin grows from the inside out from the moment you are born. How well you eat is critical to growing healthy skin. The key is to get back to basics. Eat foods that are as close to their natural source as possible. Indulge in plenty of nature-based foods and avoid processed technology ones. Your skin loves lots of water, quality proteins, essential fatty acids, good carbohydrates and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. These contain many vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and phytonutrient qualities. Be aware: Don’t believe all the hype in food marketing campaigns. If you are committed to healthy eating, check ingredient labels at all times. Often there are hidden nasties. 

Move your body

The body was designed to move and be active at all ages. Don’t look at exercise as a punishment! It is a known fact that the body releases feel- good hormones called endorphins when you exercise. The more you do it the more you want to do it. Just get past that starting hurdle and you will be away! When your body is moving the skin is flooded with oxygen and nutrients giving it a healthy glow. Being physically active certainly adds to the quality of your life.

Take care of your skin

Good skin care is essential for any person at any age. Keep it simple and find a routine that suits your skin. When choosing skincare products it is just as important to get as close to the natural source as possible as it is when chosing foods. Just because a product is expensive may not mean it is the best. Don’t just buy ‘hope’ in a bottle. There are many companies out there committed to using high quality, natural ingredients that work and do not have a negative effect on the body or the environment. Read all labels and check out the nasties. Often they are hidden as numbers not just names. Use natural therapies like aromatherapy, and herbs.

Turn daily routines into rituals.

Whatever your daily routines are (be it showering, applying face and body creams, and make-up, doing your hair, going to the toilet, eating, exercising or working) you can easily turn them into rituals and give them a more indulgent feel. When in the shower you can take a natural bristle brush and add to the main task of cleansing by giving your body an all-over exfoliation. For some, going to the toilet is your only chance to escape the daily demands of children, family or work pressures. Take an aromatic spritzer in there, spray the face and inhale and, voila, you have just given yourself a wee moment of time-out and treated yourself at the same time! Celebrate good skin care with fantastic natural products and take on the Daily Body Massage – this two minute ritual could change your life! Get your beauty sleep and set up a personalised Home Spa. You are worth it!

Do a body cleanse.

Finally, part of your Aging Gracefully Checklist is to take on a cleansing and detox programme a couple of times a year. Cleansing the system is fantastic for the skin and a wonderful way to keep toxins from building up in the body. The best times to do this could be spring and autumn. We have a 28-Day Programme created just for this. It is simple, has loads of yummy food and is a fantastic way to maintain long-term health, well-being and glowing radiant skin.

All little things really but things that have a massive impact on how you see yourself. Right… time to go look in that mirror and say ‘Damn you’re hot!!’!