Imagine having a full body massage everyday? Imagine using the highest quality body products that support the health and wellbeing of your body and skin? Imagine how you would feel adding specific essential oils to this to make it effect the way you think and feel throughout the day? Well you can and it is known as the Daily Body Boost – it is the ultimate mind, body and skin treatment, we love it and cannot imagine life in the Twenty8 world without it.

You may well be aware of the benefits of massage. Massage increases circulation, promotes sleep, reduces stress levels, increases muscle tone, promotes elimination of toxins and waste, supports weight loss, increases skin pliability and enhances wellbeing – to name but a few. Imagine if you could  benefit from these things and do this every single day. Best part is you can and it costs well under $1 a day and only takes a minute or two, if that.

Treating yourself to your daily body boost is another great insurance policy for your overall health. The important thing to remember is to ensure the products you massage your body with are natural and full of essential vitamins and minerals. Also, it is important to make sure this is a good body rub or polish, not some airy-fairy tickle! You want your body to wake up, feel alive and be ready to get into your day. You may have guessed by now that your daily body massage is performed by YOU!

The daily body massage happens after your morning shower and or before you get dressed. Ideally you may have done your morning exercise programme and are now ready to get right into your day. It’s a great idea to do some sort of body polish using a natural bristle brush in the shower, too. This will prepare the skin for even better absorption.

Once you pat yourself dry choose your Twenty8 synergy blend or you can choose three pure essential oils to support you throughout the day. You may have a long full-on day ahead so it would be important to choose oils that were going to be uplifting and enduring like Energy & Vitality or Detox & Strengthen or individual oils like Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint, Myrrh, Lime or Basil. Or you could be feeling a little run down or tired so go for healing, stimulating oils like Immune Boost or De-stress & Revive or individual oils likeTea Tree, Eucalyptus, Pine, Ginger, Cypress or Orange. If your skin is dry and looking like it could do with some good nutrition then go for the skin active oils like the Instant Calm synergy blend or individual oils like Frankincense, Rose, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Geranium or Bergamot. There are many choices available to you, what is important is that you choose high quality products and a synergy blend or three oils that you really like. The most wonderful thing about choosing your oils is the fact that you are asking yourself every morning ‘How do I feel?’ Normally we are so busy getting everyone else ready or thinking about what we have to do for the day ahead that we forget the most important thing of all – and that is you. If we acknowledge the body, mind and skin first thing every morning it is a powerful way to set yourself up for a great day.

Magnesium is a mineral most of us are lacking in. It is known to help with cramps, muscles aches and spasms, growing pains and insomnia. It is wonderful to help alleviate signs of stress and is a fantastic rejuvenator for the skin. It has now been proven that the absorption of magnesium trans-dermally (via the skin) is almost 40% better than taking it orally. We suggest you add it to your Body Boost blend then you get your daily needs of this miracle mineral too.

What You Will Need

  • A small glass or ceramic bowl
  • 1 teaspoon of Massage Carrier Oil
  • 3 drops essential oil in total (3 drops of your synergy blend or 1 drop of each individual oil)
  • 3 sprays of Magnesium Health Spray
  • Your damp naked body

Massage base oils like Sweet Almond, Macadamia or Jojoba. The important things to look for are the words ‘cold pressed’ on the label of your massage oil. Cold pressed means little or no heat has been used in the extraction process. This means most of the nutrient, vitamin and mineral properties remain in tact therefore benefiting the skin and its absorption into your body.

To make the right Body Boost aromatherapy blend take just over a teaspoon of base oil into your white bowl and place three drops in total of your synergy blend (or one drop of each individual oil) into it. Spray 3 sprays of Magnesium Health Spray. Mix it around and inhale. Now you are ready to rub to your hearts content! The key is to have damp skin so it goes further and to make the body feel as though it is glowing not greasy. You should be able to get dressed immediately after doing your body rub. A light covering is all you need.
It doesn’t really matter how you rub your body as long as you go from head to toe or toe to head and do all over (apart from the private parts!) and really wake your body up. We tend to start at the toes and work our way up each leg, into the tummy region in a clockwise direction to support digestive functions, up over the chest and shoulders, across the lower back, buttocks and tops of thighs. Here is a good place to give an extra special rub to increase circulation and help remove any cellulite that tends to build in this region. Work as far as you can up the back and across the shoulder blades, then work down each arm. Finish scraping the bowl and using upward strokes into the neck, then complete by compressing and inhaling onto the face.

Good Mood Oils

Essential oils have the ability to work on a strong emotional level too. If you are not sure which oils to choose for your daily body boost then try one of these oil synergy blends or recipes to boost how you feel. Choose 3 drops of your synergy blend or one drop of each oil and add to your 6mls of massage base oil and Magnesium Health Spray. Any of the synergy blends will work a treat. You can choose for specifics or just because you like the aroma. The below suggestions are just a guide. Remember this is called your Daily Body Boost so rub over your entire body in a brisk motion and at the end holding both hands over the face, take three nice deep breaths and say something positive about you and the day ahead. Check out our Manifesto that you can download for free if you struggle to say good things and use this to help start a positive habit for life (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD). This is a fairly critical part of the ritual that is changing lives.

Pre Menstrual – Hormone Balance or Clary Sage, Geranium, Orange
Tired – Energy & Vitality or Destress & Revive or Rosemary, Lemon, Basil
Emotionally Vulnerable – Hormone Balance or Detox & Strengthen or Rose, Geranium, Chamomile
Angry – Instant Calm or Hormone Balance or Bergamot, Cypress, Chamomile
Anxious – De-stress & Revive or Instant Calm or Neroli, Lavender, Frankincense
Depressed – Celebrate & Uplift or De-stress & Revive or Clary Sage, Lime, Geranium
Negative – Detox & Strengthen or Juniper, Lime, Grapefruit
Fat and Frumpy – Detox & Strengthen, Hormone Balance or Rose, Neroli, Jasmine
Run down and lethargic – Immune Boost, Detox & Strengthen or Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Pine
Stressed – De-stress & Revive, Instant Calm or Chamomile, Geranium, Rosewood

This really is life changing. Just by doing this simple ritual you are saying to yourself ‘I care’. It is one of the most lovely things you can ever do for yourself and it really is simple, effective, inexpensive and not at all time consuming.

Many men like to do this ritual and some prefer to just do the upper body and arms. That’s perfectly fine. For children, who generally speaking love participating in this ritual, place only one drop of essential oil into the blend. It is such a healthy fun way to start your day and what great role modelling for our children when they see and hear the importance you place onto your body’s welfare.

We challenge you to take this morning ritual on and invite to hear how you are feeling after four weeks. Everyone we have met who has taken this on solidly for the full 28 days have become committed devotees for life. You will feel fantastic, there will be no more dry skin on your body, your skin will glow, you will be connected and aware and more than that, you will feel even more fantastic on the inside. You will feel special, nurtured and energised. Now tell us who else is going to do this for you? The only person you can count on is YOU!

Enjoy and take special care


Can I do a Body Boost more than once a day?
Absolutely. You can do it as many times as you like, however we recommend at least every morning and then if you are going out again in the evening it is perfect. Make sure the blend is on for an hour before retiring to bed.

Can I use too much oil?
Yes indeed. Remember the key here is less is best. A teaspoon is more than enough for an average sized woman. A man who has more hair may need a bit more. Children even less. You want to feel glowing not greasy. You should be able to put on fancy lingerie straight away that’s how small amount is on there. Your skin wants to absorb it not your clothes.

I don’t know which blends or oils to use. Does it matter?
The key is to use a blend of oils that you LOVE. It doesnt matter what its name is or which three oils you choose as long as you enjoy the aroma that is what matters, after all that is what you are going to have to wear for the day. Sometimes its a great idea to just run your hand over the top of your essential oils with your eyes closed and just pick one out. Often it is more than perfect for you for that day. Sometimes you might know exactly which synergy blend or oils you want and then in that case go for it. The key is that you really do like the aroma.

My skin is feeling a bit dry is that normal?
When you first start the Daily Body Boost ritual you may be changing body care products from synthetic to more natural based products. The skin takes 28days to renew itself so we say persist on until the full 28days are up and do it every day. You will then see your skin flourishing and feeling better for it. You can also use a body lotion or cream as the base if you would prefer. Use an exfoliant in the shower too, either a face washer, loofah or exfoliant. This helps to remove dead and dry skin cells and makes it easier for the products to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Can I use a Body Lotion instead of a Carrier Oil?
Yes. So long as it is a natural chemical free one we say go for it. You would just place the lotion into one of your hands, add the 3 sprays of Magnesium and 3 drops of essential oils. Rub together in both hands then slap on all over the body then go back and rub it in as above.

Should I use citrus oils if going out in the sun?
Due to their photo-sensitivity it is recommended you do not use citrus oils straight onto the skin (direct application) and then go to the beach for the day. However the pre-blended synergy oils are perfectly blended and only a very small amount of citrus oils will be on the skin ruling out the photo-senstivity issue. Remember it is only 3 drops in total on your whole body.

Do I have to say something positive at the end?
Believe it or not this is the most powerful and anchoring part of the ritual. When you say something positive your physiology changes. Your cells change. Couple that with a positive action like treating your whole body and the beautiful aroma and you will start to understand how this is life changing on a cellular level.

How long do I have to do it for?
This is an official life sentence… a positive one if you please. To really get in the habit we recommend taking on the 28day challenge. If you miss a day start again. You must do 28days straight!

What if I dont like the aroma?
Add 1 drop of your most favourite blend or essential oil. Do not waste it. The whole blend can change with just one drop.

What if I dont have a shower beforehand? Does it matter if my skin is not damp?
No not really. It just helps disperse the blend over the body better and helps you to use less product.

Can I use different blends on the same day?
Yes you are not the same person in the morning as you are in the evening. If you like the same blend then go for it. If you fancy something different then go for another blend or combination. The key is to use something you love.

Do I have to look in the mirror?
Ha! We get asked this all the time. YES YES YES!!!! It’s time you started honouring yourself and all your beauty right here right now. Remember if you are not happy with how you look take action and do something about it, stop complaining and be proud of who you are. If you are still not proud just remember there are many out there who would rather have your problems than theirs. And by the way looking at yourself naked is one of the most confronting but liberating truths you will ever find. You dont have to be a perfect size 10 model to be beautiful. Be grateful for what you have and work on the things you want to change. The daily body boost is the perfect tool to get you to take action and start living.