Is a Serum just a buzz word for the beauty industry or are they really an exceptional booster? Are they necessary or just another layer for your skincare regime? And the big question we get asked all the time do we layer them? Which one goes on first? And should they be used only once or twice a day?

This time of year is perfect for a skin serum. But to prepare the skin in the best possible way make space for a mask at least once a week and follow it up with a steam. A mask is a fantastic exfoliant and allows your plant active moisturisers and serums to work their magic. To do a steam just fill a bowl with warm-hot water. Add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil, Lavender is a perfect start or you can go for more skin treatment oils like Frankincense or Rosewood. Place your face over the steam, close your eyes and fold a towel over your head to capture all those amazing molecules. Let your skin sweat it out for at least 5-10mins. Now your skin is rearing to go to reap the benefits of your Serum.

According to Twenty8‘s Dr Greg Clark (PhD in Plant Biology and Bio-Chemistry) a Serum can be seen as a ‘specialis’t in the skin care world. They are often formulated to address more specific skin concerns such as spots, discolourations, wrinkles, toning and deeper levels of dehydration. Often a Serum can perform more concentrated tasks that your moisturiser cannot.

The molecular structure of a Serum is generally smaller than that of a moisturiser which allows the key ingredients like vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and esters to penetrate more deeply. Serums are generally lighter in texture than moisturisers and tend to have a much higher level of active compounds. They also tend to be absorbed more quickly and unlike gels which may flake or peel and creams which may be too oily, serums are often perfect for most skin types and very gentle on the skin. Some may even be oil free.

As for whether Serums should be used with a moisturiser we believe that yes indeed they can. Moisturisers are often designed to do just that… moisturise whereas Serums are used to concentrate on those deeper skin concerns. Used in conjunction with a Serum a moisturiser gives the additional soothing, softening and emollient effects especially for extra dry skin so they make a fantastic team!

A serum is the number one ‘must have’ beauty product especially at this time of year. We recommend you use under your moisturiser morning and night as it is the perfect skin booster to nourish, rejuvenate and tone the skin. We have two beautiful Serums in the Twenty8 range. One is the Face Lift Serum and the other is our oil-free Ester Plus (+) Face Serum. Both are absolutely stunning products that will certainly address your special skin concerns. And they are worth every application. We could sing their praises forever and a day but check out what others are saying about the benefits of using a Serum and see the difference it could make to your skin.