With warmer and sunnier days on their way often Spring is the perfect time to get in touch with your skin and prepare it for the summer glow. Just as we spring clean the home at this time of year so too can we spring clean the beauty regime!

We at Twenty8 are all about making your life easier. By using high quality products that have no nasty chemicals with natural ingredients that enhance your skin and quick, fun, effective beauty rituals that don’t take up a lot of time, you are well on your way to healthy vibrant and glowing skin. It just takes a little planning and commitment! Here are our top 10 Spring Beauty Changes you can make right now!

Look At Your Skin

Skincare is not hard. Take a good look at your skin. Is it dry, is it flaky, does it need some nourishment? Is it oily or is it having the occasional break out? Actually take some time to look closely in the mirror so you can then make an informed decision about what it really needs and work out which skincare rituals will be best for you. And if you are unsure then ask a skincare expert for advice. Send us an email explaining your skincare needs and we will certainly do our best to help you.


This is a ritual that should be done regularly throughout the year, however this is the time when we notice our skin is more dry, mainly due to air conditioning and heating, having our skin covered up and a lack of attention. One of our favourite exfoliants is the humble face washer which works perfectly with the Ultimate Cleanser. Just by removing your gentle clay cleanser with a face washer and warm water you are softening and exfoliating the skin at the same time. A favourite for the body is dry body brushing. Just before you hop in the shower, take a natural bristle body brush (try saying that fast!) and use quick, small circling motions over the whole body you can help decrease dry skin and flakiness.

Apply Moisturisers and Body Oils to Damp Skin

Moisturising your skin whilst it is damp is the secret to why Twenty8 skincare is so effective. Apply your moisturiser and body boost oils to still damp skin immediately after your Toner Concentrate or showering or bathing.This seals in moisture, acts as a barrier to drying envrionmental conditions such as heat and air conditioning and makes your products go further.

Clean Out Your Beauty & Makeup Products

Detox your beauty bag or drawer! Get organised. Throw out any grotty looking products or items that are well past their used by date. Clean your beauty brushes and sponges using warm soapy water and Tea Tree oil. Let them dry naturally in direct sunlight.

Nourish Your Lips

Lips have a much thinner, drier skin than the rest of the body. They have no oily secretions of their own. Dry, cracked or sore lips can be painful. They need the added lubrication of nourishing creams and waxy balms and applying these regularly can preserve the fine, delicate tissue. Eespecially up the ante during the Spring months. The Twenty8 Eye & Lip Cream can be applied 6, 7 or 8 times a day! This in itself is a fantastic ritual for the lips as the exquisite ingredients particularly Cistus Rock Rose helps tone and nourish dry and chapped lips. We can let you in on a little secret… we are proud to say we will be releasing our very own Coconut Lip Balm in the next month or two so stay tuned. This is a wonder product we are very excited about!

Put Your Mask On

Now is the time to truly give your skin a wee treat. A little indulging and pampering never goes astray. Masks are the perfect way to deeply cleanse, exfoliatate and draw impurities from the skin. There’s something psychological about a mask too. Often when we take the time to actually do one we feel like we are really giving ourselves a real treat and taking care of ourselves in a more luxurious way. And everyone deserves that!

Do Aromatic Hair Treatments

Our hair can often be a bit dull after the winter months too. Dry hair, a flaky scalp or split ends are all part and parcel of hair in need of a little loving! Use a good quality natural shampoo and conditioner, maybe even indulge in a little hair care mask! One of the nicest things you can do is an aromatic Hair Rinse. Before you hop in the shower or bath to wash your hair, simply fill a 100ml glass bottle with warm water. Add 4 drops total of your favourite essential oils or synergy blend then shake the bottle well. Just before you hop out of the shower and after you have washed and conditioned your hair, turn the tap off, squeeze the excess water out of your hair, take your bottle and shake a couple of times, then tilt your head back and allow the aromatic rinse to pour through your hair.  By the way pure coconut oil makes an excellent de-frizzer, apply a small amount when styling, this makes a great alternative to the chemical versions out there and is a great scalp treatment too.

Protect Your Skin From Excess Sun

Don’t underestimate how good the sun is for you. Like anything when it is in excess is when it causes a problem. Chosing a sunscreen can be confusing. We know than an excess of UV radiation accelerates the aging of the skin, yet constant use of sunscreens which contain chemicals is also not supporting your skin to optimum health. Its simple. Don’t expose your skin to the intense rays (10am–2pm) for prolonged periods of time and wear a hat. We recommend using sunscreens that use physical barriers, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, blended with natural plant ingredients like shea butter, carrot seed oil, wild pansy extract and calendula, which in themselves can offer natural sun filters. Make sure you are including good antioxidants in your diet as they will also help the skin mop up the free radicals caused by UV rays.

Nourish & Moisturise Your Skin

It doesn’t matter how much oil your skin produces its fair to say everyone needs a good moisturiser and or serum. Spring may be the time you switch to a different moisturiser. If you have been using a heavier nourishing moisturiser during winter try a lighter balancing one now. Either way moisturising morning and night is essential to good skincare and good preparation in Spring will certainly help your skin glow in the summer months.

Use Your Spritzer Toner

Most Toners on the market are more like an astringent, they are designed to help remove excess cleanser or makeup. The Twenty8 Toner is actually designed the other way around, to be part of the moisturising process not the cleansing one. With highly nourishing essential oils making up the Toner Concentrate you can make toning part of your everyday routine either with a Spritzer or as a compress. This is one of the most amazing parts of your skincare ritual that will have your skin glowing and nourished in no time.