A footbath is another way to relax and balance the body while softening the skin. Alternating between hot and cold footbaths is a great way to relieve aching, swollen feet and tension headaches as the footbaths help polarise the extremities and stimulate reflex points in the feet.

Fill a large stainless steel or earthenware bowl with warm water — plastic buckets just don’t have the same appeal! You can also use a foot spa (there are a variety of commercial foot spas on the market) or fill your bath tub to the desired level and sit on the edge of the bath. Add 4–6 drops of your chosen essential oils and agitate the water. Immerse your feet and soak them for a few minutes.

Lip tip:

Try placing a flannel at the bottom of the bowl or bath and layer half a dozen very large marbles on top. Immerse your feet and roll them over the marbles — this helps stimulate the reflex points and feels absolutely divine. It’s a wonderful ritual to share with your partner at the end of a busy day, especially if they offer to massage your feet afterwards!