There is nothing like a good massage to relieve aches and pains and help to let go of physical and emotional tension. One of the most powerful treatments for stress, massage is also the best way to administer essential oils onto and into the body.

Whether you are preparing a blend as a gift for someone, pampering your partner, or creating your own aromatic body boost blend, remember to always mix your essential oils with a good quality cold-pressed carrier oil. Cold pressing ensures that the nutrients within the vegetable or nut oil are retained. Our favourite carrier oils are Sweet Almond and Macadamia; these are beautiful for body massage, or the amazing skin healer Coconut Oil and Jojoba, a fluid wax, which is one of the finest oils easily absorbed by the skin. It is particularly lovely for face and hair treatments.

To make up a blend for a massage treatment all you have to remember is to create a 2:1 ratio. Whatever number of mls you are using, halve it to get the total number of drops of essential oils to be added. For example, if you were to make up a blend for a friend in a 50ml bottle, you would halve it to know that you would need 25 drops total of your chosen essential oils to make a therapeutic prescriptive blend. Or if you were to make up your body boost blend in the morning you would need about 6ml of your massage base oil and 3 drops of your chosen oils. Check out the Reference guide below to know the numbers of drops required for children, pregnant women and the elderly.