If you are someone who likes to experiment and play, then don’t think you have to spend a fortune on skincare — your kitchen has a ready supply of skin treatments if you want to give them a try. Check out these amazing little food goodies!

Plain acidophilus yoghurt makes a great cleanser.

Any cold-pressed vegetable oil is an excellent makeup remover.

Almond meal makes a great gentle face exfoliator.

Sea salt makes a brilliant body exfoliator.

A mashed avocado mask soothes and nourishes the skin.

An egg white mask will tighten and firm the skin.

A honey mask is an effective humectant which draws moisture to the skin. It is a wonderful skin healer and helps dissolve dead skin cell build up.

A mashed banana with a little lemon juice mask hydrates and soothes the skin.

A mashed strawberry and plain yoghurt mask will help balance oily skin.

Thinly sliced potato makes a fabulous eye compress as it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can calm puffy eyes beautifully.

A little baking soda made into a paste and popped onto a blemish will quickly see it disappear.

Cucumber slices and cold chamomile tea bags also make a great eye compress as they are great for cooling and soothing tired, irritable eyes

The juice from a fresh Aloe Vera plants offers instant soothing and healing properties, for everything from acne to sunburn.