Everywhere we go, the two biggest excuses people give for not taking care of themselves are that there is not enough time or money. In today’s busy world with financial pressures high and time constantly squeezed, it is easy to think these are valid excuses.  We at Twenty8 disagree.

We believe that the reason why people neglect their self-care is not lack of time or money; it is simpler than that. It is because they have not made themselves a priority. When was the last time you had a relaxing body massage? If it was last week, congratulations. However, it may have been months, even years since you had the pleasure, if at all. If your reason for not having had one recently is that you have not had enough time or money, you may see our point more clearly. Is it really because you haven’t had the time or money? Or is it that you do not see having one as a priority? Does it seem to be a luxury rather than a necessity? 

The most important asset you have in your whole life is your health. Many of you may find you put the needs of your partner, family or loved ones before your own ― women are particularly good at this.
So, if we suggested the good health, or indeed the lives, of your children or partner depended on you having a massage this week, would you find the time and money to do so? Of course you would. It has now become a major priority. 

So stop for a moment and evaluate the priorities you have set in your life. Is health and your self-care one of them? If not, why not! 

Your health and wellbeing should be your top priority. Whether it’s buying natural, healthy food, doing a sport that makes you feel good physically, or investing in the help that you may need at different times in your life — be it medical or for your heart or your soul — don’t let excuses get in your way. It is your life and you deserve the best. We have a saying at Twenty8: ‘invest in your health and wellbeing today or sickness will invest in you tomorrow’.  No one can make change for you — you need to be the instigator. As soon as you make self-care a priority something happens: you may find life travelling nicely downstream. It’s always upstream when things feel like a huge challenge. All of this takes place because your focus and mindset have become aligned with your priorities.

Some simple action steps:

1. Create a timetable. Write down everything that occurs in that week. Now lock in some times for your ‘me time’. It could be when you exercise, when you make time to read, phone a girlfriend, the night you will give yourself a face mask or have an aromatic bath.

2. Light your vaporiser every day. Choose 3 oils or a pre-chosen synergy blend. Try uplifting oils for the morning such as Rosemary, Lemon and Basil and calming, balancing ones in the evening like Lavender, Cedarwood and Geranium. See vaporisation on page. Go and file your toenails and put a little polish on now!

3. Take on the daily body boost. Go on — you are worth it!