As your body adapts to being pregnant it undergoes many changes mentally, emotionally and physically. The back in particular is put under enormous stress as the baby grows, which can result in excessive curvature of the lower back, causing strain and pain. Here are some great tips and ideas to keep you well and healthy throughout!

Try not to sit, lie or stand in one position for too long, and rest whenever possible if you are active during your pregnancy with other children or work.

Use pillows however and whenever! A pillow between the legs while lying down can help keep the pelvis and hips aligned or placing a pillow under the knees, while on your back, can take some of the pressure off the lumbar (lower) spine. Extra pillows to support your head can help relieve heartburn as well as back pain.

Avoid heavy or strained lifting. If you do have to lift at all, make sure you bend your knees and keep your back as straight as possible. This is so obvious but you will be amazed how much you forget once ‘pregnancy brain’ steps in!

Gentle exercise can offer relief. Community centres or hospitals within your area may offer specific classes for pregnancy like swimming, walking or yoga. Check with your caregiver or GP before undergoing any exercise programme.

Massage can be most beneficial for backache or pain. It can also help tone and relax the muscles and nourish the stretching skin. Make sure you are comfortable when receiving a massage: keep warm and have plenty of pillows for support. Some massage therapists have a table designed for pregnant women with big holes in the tummy region. This can be heaven when it seems like you will never be able to lie on your front again! Try the following blend, or choose your favourite essential oils:

50 ml massage base oil (Sweet Almond, Jojoba or Macadamia) and 10 drops essential oil:
Lavender  4 drops  
Geranium  2 drops  
Lemon  4 drops  

And don’t forget the power of Magnesium on the body. Used as a spray it is fantastic to help relieve cramps, spasms, aches and pains. Just spray directly onto the effected area and you might be pleasantly surprised how quickly they disappear!

Most of all do not lose your sense of humour and have gratitude that you are actually having this wee miracle – it is all worth it!