The body goes through many changes throughout pregnancy, skin can become more sensitive, dry or irritated, muscle aches and pains can be more prevalent and emotions can be at an all time high or low! Aromatherapy is an incredible way to keep things at bay and to support the body to be at its absolute best. Here are our top 10 tips just for you!

1. Protect your skin: – Skin pigmentation can change during pregnancy and your skin may tan or burn more easily. Choose products that have an SPF with natural healthy ingredients. Pay special attention to the face and hands.

2. Avoid harsh soaps: – Soaps can strip the skin of natural oils and cause irritation. Use a natural moisturizing body wash and maintain that healthy glow.

3. Look after your face: – Even though some women may find their skin is more oily or more dry during pregnancy it is essential to use high quality, natural skincare products to help balance this out.

4. Feed your skin: – You skin cell turnover increases at this time. Make sure you nourish and moisturize more often to help skin maintain a healthy sheen.

5. Nurture your bump: – Skin is under enormous pressure as your baby grows – especially in the belly region. Use a natural body oil blend or moisturizing gel to help skin stay supple and perhaps lessen the chance of stretch marks.

6. Drink plenty of water: – Keep your body hydrated all day every day. If you feel thirsty you have become dehydrated and left it too late. Water will help maintain softer and more nourished skin.

7. Look after your feet: – As your weight increases there is more pressure placed on them. Your feet may become achy, swollen and itchy. A peppermint foot-bath or a menthol gel can do wonders at the end of each day.

8. Give your face a mask: – Treat your skin to a fortnightly or monthly mask. Take a moment to rest and put your feet up.

9. Don’t spend too long in a bath: – Not only can a hot bath cause fatigue, it is not good to raise your body temperature. Long baths can also dehydrate the skin so use a moisturizing wash or a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils.

10. Feed your face – Pregnancy can cause all sorts of cravings and changes in your eating habits. Just like your friendly nutritionist, we encourage you to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, good quality proteins and avoid processed convenience foods. You will need all the nutrients you can get to avoid fatigue, lethargy, skin conditions and irritability.

Please note many aromatherapists agree that topical application of essential oils should be avoided in the first trimester. I would go one step further and suggest the same should apply then to ALL chemical creams, lotions and potions… Be aware of ANYTHING that you place into and onto your body during this very special time.