I am often asked what I would suggest or recommend as natural remedies in the home when ailments, injuries or problems arise. This is by no means full medical treatment protocols of course, but it is some of the ways in which I have treated the following fourteen common conditions. From small babies through to adults, it is fantastic to know we can call on nature’s kitchen and my favorite essential oils to help the body on its way to recovery. I would love to know some of your favourite home remedies too!


1.            Teething pain

When I had small babies one of my favourite ways to help alleviate teething pain was to create an ice cube slushy! Turning things like breast milk, water or very weak chamomile tea into ice cubes worked a treat. When needed I would crush the frozen cubes and place into a handkerchief, muslin cloth or cotton wash cloth. Simply create a knot to contain the crushed contents and allow the child to chew for a soothing cooling relief. Chamomilla Homeopathic remedy is said to be very effective for teething babes so you can either crush the small tablet and mix with water to serve or get the liquid drops if available. Amber necklaces are also said to help with teething.  I didn’t have these in my day but If nothing else they certainly look good! 


2.            Constipation

One of the best ways to support regular bowel movements and prevent constipation is to ensure there is enough natural fibre in the diet. Vegetables high in fibre like carrots, broccoli and zucchini are fantastic as are fruits like apples, oranges and pears. Adding a small amount of cinnamon to the stewed fruit can be soothing to the digestive tract. Good clean foods, lots of leafy green veges, very little sugar and quality proteins are a must. A natural probiotic is also important to support the fine balance required for a healthy gut and I will often use Cyndi’s Probiotic Powder blended into a smoothie. Water is also hugely necessary. When the stools become hard and dehydrated it makes it very difficult to pass. Something as simple as increasing water could be the perfect preventative treatment. Exercise is also considered essential. It helps stimulate the body’s involuntary muscles of the digestive tract. And massaging the tummy into the lower abdominal area can also relax the colon and help move the stool. Using a blend of 10ml cold pressed carrier oilwith 2 drops of Lavender and 1 drop of Chamomile, or 3 drops of Twenty8 Instant Calm blend. Apply regularly throughout the day and on retiring to bed. In a clockwise direction. Use your fingertips to really work the lower abdomen. I would definitely be making sure I had my Super Food shots a couple of times a day. 1 tsp Colloidal Minerals, 1/2 tsp Probiotics and 1 tsp Supreme Green Powder into a small amount of fresh juice, coconut water or plain water. 


3.            Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be caused by a bacteria, virus, food allergy or intolerance. Most cases can be managed at home but if there is blood in the stools or prolonged diarrhea it is incredibly important to seek medical advice. It is important to know that the body is trying to eliminate the bug or problem so never try to stop constipation with medications. Drinking plenty of fluids is still important and sipping on cooled herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile could be very beneficial. If there are stomach cramps then use the same massage blend for Constipation to help relax the tummy muscles and ease any pain. Look at using Twenty8 Immune Boost blend instead of the Instant Calm. Bland foods like steamed brown rice mashed with a ripe banana has been known to be perfect for upset tummy’s. Stay away from starchy white flour foods, sugar and white rice. Some believe flat ginger ale or flat lemonade watered down with warm water may also help. I personally think coconut water is the best of all fluids as it is a natural electrolyte replacement. Once the diarhhea eases again I would definitely be making sure I had my Super Food shots a couple of times a day. 1 tsp Colloidal Minerals, 1/2 tsp Probiotics and 1 tsp Supreme Green Powder into a small amount of fresh juice, coconut water or plain water. 


4.            Ear infections

Ear infections can be so painful and disrupt precious sleep. There is nothing better than a natural steam inhalation. Pour hot water into a bowl over the sink or supported on a towel on a table. Make sure safety is paramount so the hot water does not become a hazard. If it is a child with the ear infection make sure they are old enough to understand what is required. Add 2 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Eucalyptus (or 4 drops of the Twenty8 Immune Boost blend) and immediately place a towel over the head and closing the eyes. Inhale deeply in through the nose, out through the mouth. Alternate breathing in through the mouth, out through the nose. This allows the steam to reach those areas connecting your ears, nose and throat. Another proven remedy is to heat 1 tsp olive oil until tepid. Test first and then add 1/3 crushed garlic clove. Using only small pieces that dissolve and not chunks.  Using a clear dropper add a couple of drops directly into the ear canal. Garlic has many anti-bacterial properties, which can relieve pain and cure the infection.


5.            Sore throats

Honey is one of my favourite remedies for sore throats. In particular Manuka Honey that has a high UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of 15-20 is ideal. This is due to its incredibly high anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities. The UMF number is a standard way of describing the bacteria-killing power of the product. The honey is put in a plate with a bacterial culture, and the area is measured where the bacterial growth is stopped. This area is compared to a similar area produced by a solution of phenol and water. The number refers to the percentage of phenol in the water. So UMF 10 is honey that has the same bacteria-killing power as 10% phenol.  Add a spray of Magnesium Health Spray and it can certainly help alleviate a sore throat. Sipping on a cup of warm freshly squeezed orange with a tsp of Manuka Honey and two sprays of Magnesium is also very soothing. 1 drop of Lavender oil and 1 spray of Magnesum Health Sprayinto a teaspoon of Carrier Oil and rubbed into the outside throat and chest area can help relieve sore throats and boost the immune system. Inhalations using oils like 1-2 drops of lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus or again the Immune Boost is a winner as it is a combination of the most potent antiseptic oils of all.


6.            Head aches

Always keep the fluids up. Sometimes it is dehydration that can cause a bad headache. Compresses on the back of the neck or across the forehead can be very helpful. Simply place 2 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Peppermint into a stainless steel bowl or sink of warm water, then using a cloth simply immerse and squeeze until excess water is removed. Compress onto most effected areas. Lying in a dark room can be very beneficial. Peppermint tea is a beautiful way to help get fluids into the body and ease the intensity of a head ache. And a massage will always help to relieve tight neck muscles again using oils like lavender and peppermint – 1-2 drops of each into 10mls Carrier Oil. Or 2 drops of Instant Calm would be ideal too. 


7.            Conjunctivitis

Salt water compresses can be very effective for this condition also known as pink eye. Simply add 1/2-1 heaped teaspoon into a glass of warm or cool water (depending on which feels best for the patient). Use a cotton ball and wipe from the centre of the eye (next to the nose) toward the outside. Do not rub back across the eye area and do not redip the cotton ball. 


8.            Reduce a fever

Lavender and Peppermint compresses work a treat to reduce fevers. Simply fill a basin or bowl with cold water and add 2 drops each of Lavender and Peppermint. Immerse your cloth, squeeze excess water and compress onto the forehead and neck area. Keep patient relaxed and cool replacing the water if it gets too warm. Lots of fluids are important too. When the body gets a temperature we should actually celebrate it more! This incredible machine creates a temperature to kill off the bug causing disharmony in the body. Try to keep the patient as comfortable as possible with things like lavender and peppermint compresses but don’t be afraid of the body doing this. Of course if there is serious concern or it is lasting more than a couple of days then definitely seek medical advice.


9.            Eczema

Eczema can occur with rashes typically occurring on the elbows, knees or cheeks and can persist if exposed to allergens, chemical irritants or stress. To relieve the symptoms of itchiness and irritation 2 drops of Lavender (have you noticed what a wonder oil this is!!) in a small bowl of water and compress onto the effected areas. Then apply a blend of 1 drop Lavender, 1 drop cedarwood or patchouli and 1 drop geranium into 10mls of Carrier Oil like sweet almond or 3 drops of Twenty8 Instant Calm will be very helpful, add 2-3 sprays of Magnesium Health Spray to help the healing. Magnesium is basically a straight salt which is why we dilute into a blend rather than applying directly on the skin. A bath is a beautiful way to relieve the symptoms of eczema. Fill a bath with warm water, add 6 drops of Instant Calm and 1 cup of Magnesium Salts. Immerse the body and enjoy the soothing effects. The amazing Healing Skin Boost which is made up of lavender, calendula and magnesium is an absolute winner to apply after a shower or bath and with its incredible cooling effects it can bring immediate relief to irritated skin. Always ensure the diet is chemical and additive free and always add in a high quality probiotic too so you can treat it from the inside out.  A natural acipdophillus yoghurt can also help balance the body’s natural gut flora. Always avoid chemicals in personal care products, cleaning products and cosmetic creams. Natural chemical-free products are the way to go – always – but especially important when skin sensitivities are present.


10.          Runny Nose

The best way to treat a runny nose is to ensure you expel the excess mucous into a tissue and not keep sniffing it back. Steaming or inhalations are fantastic to help loosen nose and chest congestion to help cough it up or blow it out. Oils like tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender are all highly antiseptic and excellent choices or Immune Boost is the ultimate bug killer and decongestant. Try to sleep with an extra pillow that has a drop of lavender on it!


11.          Bruising and Swelling

The often resulting black and blue marks are caused by injury to the capillaries leaking blood into the surrounding tissues. One of the first things to do is ice the effected area as soon as possible. There are some fantastic children’s ice packs available now like a Boo Boo that you can have on hand in your freezer or the good ol frozen peas work a treat. Hold on effected area for 5-10mins (if it is possible with little ones). Repeat every 20-30mins for a few hours. Then apply arnica cream. I always add a drop of Lavender (my first aid kit in a bottle!) as lavender is very cytophalactic (cell regenerating) and soothing and a couple of sprays of Magnesium Health Spray. Give the homeopathic remedy of Arnica every 20mins also. If the skin is broken you can use calendula cream instead or arnica and add either 1 drop of lavender or tea tree for their antiseptic qualities. And listen to mother nature… up your purple foods… purple grapes, blueberries and blackberries contain proanthocyanidins which help strengthen bruised capillaries.


12.          Headlice

The minute you see a child itching behind their ears and at the nape of the neck check it out! Head lice are not fun, however they are pretty common. Contrary to popular belief head lice do not jump or fly but they do crawl from item to item or person to person. The number one most effective home remedy for head lice is combing. I like to douse the hair in a blend of 30ml cold pressed Carrier Oil with 4 drops of each tea tree, lavender, pine and lemon, or the 15 drops of the Twenty8 Immune Boost blend. Massage into the hair and scalp and put a shower cap on for 30mins. As pain staking as it is, go through the hair as finely as you can. You may need to use your fingers to literally pick off the eggs as they can set like concrete on hair strands. Once the head lice have been removed a good preventative treatment is make up a 50ml Spritzer with 3 drops tea tree and 3 drops lavender. Spray the hair every day paying particular attention to behind the ears and nape of the neck. Make sure you check all family members and it is wise to repeat the combing process 10 days later to ensure all nits (eggs) have been removed. Another of my favourite head lice remedies is right here with the Lice Fairy. Chemical-free treatments always help support the health and wellbeing of those effected.

13.          Acne

There is no doubt acne absolutely sucks! But there is no need to treat acne with harsh chemical treatments, medicines or antibiotics. One of the best and most effective ways first and foremost to treat this condition is with your diet and it has been proven over and over again that a hunter gatherer kind of diet is the ultimate way to go to help cleanse and detox the body and skin – no grains, dairy, beans or soy; high in protein (organic chicken, fish and grass fed meats); loads of vegetables, fruits (especially berries); nuts and good quality fats like coconut oil). Also eliminating all chemically laden skincare products and treatments is a positive step in the healing process. According to Mike Adams of Natural Health Solutions your skin is an organ that can excrete waste products, and acne is one way that your body is actually excreting internal toxins through your skin to get rid of them. The classic model and explanation for acne is really incomplete. The classic model says that acne is simply caused by bacteria – but that’s not entirely true. It’s often caused by the body trying to get rid of something. The number-one cause of acne is the consumption of milk – milk from cows. Any dairy products – but especially liquid milk including cheese, butter and things like ice cream – promote acne, hence the recommendation to avoid dairy and of course high sugar foods, alcohol and all processed foods. The Twenty8 Skincare range is designed for sensitive skins. The Balance Skincare Range is exquisite and perfect for skin that is effected by acne or skin sensitivities. The gentle Ultimate Cleanser, regenerating Toner Concentrateand Healing Skin Boost are the three must-have products in the bathroom cabinet. Taking on gentle cleansing and healing rituals along with a clean healthy diet will certainly help an acne sufferer restore beautiful skin and prevent further bouts.

14.         Coughs

There is still to this day no better remedy than the good old fashioned onion! I was told to cut an onion in half and place it beside the bed to help alleviate an annoying or harsh cough by a doctor years ago. OMG – it is a miracle. It has worked a treat on my family and whenever any of us show signs of being run down or a cough and cold is coming on… out comes the humble onion at night time. Ok so the bedroom does not smell so great the next morning but who cares… we have all had a good night sleep and the incredible natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antibacterial constituents in the onion have worked their magic! Best to throw the onion away each morning!

What other natural remedies are a must in your first aid cabinet?

Kim xx