Is it a fad? Is it a load of crock? Or is this one of the greatest revolutionary protocols you could ever be a part of? Find out how Dr Simeone inspired this revolution in the 1950′s and how these three have taken it even further to create a protocol that is literally changing lives. This programme is about altering the way you think about food. How it changes your taste buds and creates an awareness that sharpens the mind and body. You will understand exactly what foods are good for you, which ones can increase leptin sensitivity and how they can help hormone receptors become more in tune. This is one of the most powerful and empowering ‘health re-sets’ that will change the direction of the food and beauty industries today.

Click here to listen in on this one – UC 05 – Weighloss Protocol Part 2
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It is a privilege for us three gals to be working with the amazing Wellness Guys – Dr Laurence Tham, Dr Brett Hill and Dr Damian Kristof. Make sure you check out their show too – The Wellness Guys.
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