Imagine taking a few moments in your day to capture a moment that you will enjoy sharing and reflecting on. Imagine sharing those images with like minded people. Imagine being inspired by those who share the same values and beliefs around health and wellbeing. Well here is your chance to play with us at the 28 Capture The Moment Instagram page!

So how does it work? How can you join the Instagram sensation? First of all download the Instagram app to your smart phone.

Remember it is a wonderful way to take a moment to think outside the norm and capture a special moment,  an image that can take in what you are thinking or feeling, maybe even something or someone you appreciate all relating to the theme of that day. Like Chocolate For Women and Twenty8 is all about chemical-free, health, wellbeing, fitness and lifestyle… That is why we have named it the #28 Capture The Moment photo challenge.

So here is what you need to do to join us. We will post a #28 Capture The Moment image every month (that will include the daily theme) on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Save this list to your desktop and phone and you are ready to go. Simply snap an image and post on Instagram with the hash tag #28capturethemoment each day. It only takes a minute and you will love what this ritual brings into your life.

New to Instagram?

*         Set up an Instagram account and then check out our May image list.

*         Each day take a photo tieing in with the days theme. 

For example here is May’s Monthly Themes:

May 1 is Face – you face, someone else’s face, clock face, something you put on your face, lipstick kiss on cheek etc. It is so much fun, be creative and abstract if you want to.

*         Share the photo on Instagram – post it along with the hashtag #28capturethemomment and if you are really fancy you can even post on the Twenty8 and Like Chocolate For Women facebook pages if you would like to.

*         Check out the photos I have posted on instagram under to get an idea of the wording and how it looks when posted. I personally have been following Fat Mum Slim – Photo A Day and have placed a photo a day every single day for the past 18months. It really has taken me on a journey and apparently friends and family look forward to my daily snap. My overseas friends have even said they keep up with me and what we are up to via my snap a day.

If this lights you up then join us and get started today!