If you knew how many questionable ingredients are in your everyday deodorants you may like to think again before spraying it willy nilly under your precious arms. Aluminium is a big questionable ingredient for starts. But add in parabens, butane and perfume and we have a huge chemical concoction. So what is our alternative? And what is something that actually works?

Hello Bicarbonate Soda – aka Baking Soda! What we do is simply empty and clean a glass spice jar then place one third of natural Bicarbonate Soda into the jar and add three drops of your favourite essential oil – in our case we use Twenty8 Essential Toner not only for its cleansing smell but also as it is gentle on the skin – then place another third Bicarbonate Soda, three more drops of Toner and a final Bicarbonate Soda and a final three drops of Toner. Place lid on and shake to mix it all through.

When you need your deodorant simply wet the fingers of one hand under a running tap. Sprinkle some Bicarb Deodorant onto those wet fingers and after wetting the fingers on the other hand mix together until a clear thin paste. Smooth under each arm and allow to dry.

You are set and organised and smell free for the day. Be aware if you shave or wax under the arms this could be very sensitive. You can add coconut oil for its anti-microbial properties to the mix as well. Make sure the Bicarbonate Soda you purchase is high quality, aluminium free and from a natural health store. This cuts down on the irritation for many.

This is seriously the best deodorant you will ever use. Enjoy!