Some of you may know that I was a part of the Wellness Summit in Melbourne in August to a sold out crowd of 600 wellness enthusiasts. The day featured The Wellness Guys – Dr Damian Kristof, Dr Laurence Tham and Dr Brett Hill, The Up for a Chat girls – Cyndi O’Meara, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison, Sweet Poison author David Gillespie, holistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich and more. 

If you haven’t seen the highlights of this incredible day, click here
It really was 10 hours of powerhouse wellness and a heap of fun. The speakers covered a range of issues across the nutrition / exercise / mindset fields including (choose from the following or add your own) …

 Will share why …

  • France banned Wi-Fi from schools in March 2013.. discover what progressive countries are doing about electromagnetic fields
  • Discover why BPA-free plastics may not be safe
  • Learn why Denmark launched a campaign in 2006 warning pregnant women not to use fragrances and makeup
  • Discover why childhood allergies have increased by 400%
  • Learn how to create a healthy, low allergy home


Will share…

  1. The 3 key mistakes people make with exercise
  2. How to get better results from your exercise in less time
  3. How to exercise in a way that will make you look good AND get healthy.


Will share…

There are 2 models for healthcare in western medicine. The “health & wellness model” vs the “disease-management model”. Here’s my take on 2500 years of medical history in 10 mins.

How did we get into this mess? Why are so many health messages so confusing and contradictory? 
A “health & wellness model”; simply-be-well by focusing on sleeping well, breathing well and eating well to be well, from a unique oral health perspective.


  • Why Calorie in Calorie out is a myth
  • Why grains are becoming a health issue
  • Living in a modern world with an evolutionary body


Will share …

How to Know Who You Really Are – a look at personality profiling: This is a fun and wonderful way to understand how you tick and why you make the decisions you do relating to health and wellness.


  1. Why you matter in the Wellness Revolution
  2. Leadership begins with You
  3. Lifetime Change not One Time Change

Thank goodness this event was recorded! The Wellness Summit Home Study Program is available in a 10xDVD set so that all of the wisdom that was shared on the day is yours to keep forever! And it’s priced at an insane $197! Click here to purchase this now!