‘Beauty means makeup’ says 7 year old Charlie. ‘Beauty is no makeup’ says 8 year old Lennox. When you ask children what they think beauty is their answers are so pure, to the point and so innocent. ‘Beauty is my mum and my dad.’ ‘Beauty is God.’ ‘Beauty is compassion.’ ‘I think beauty is nature.’ There is so much meaning, yet so few words are needed. It is the truth, from the heart and so real.


An absolute favorite of mine came from a 6 year old girl called Mia who said ‘Beauty is being yourself but with a sparkle.’ She sums it up so beautifully. It is not about hair color, height, weight, size or even age. It is about that inner spark, that inner glow that makes someone beautiful. I have to agree. In fact I love it so much it has become the bi-line of Twenty8 Essentials. It is what I truly believe is at the core of this chemical-free aromatherapy and skincare range.


To be clear, Twenty8 is not some quick-fix, unsubstantiated, pseudo-natural skincare range. It is not about dry skin, oily or combination skin. Nor is it about spending lots of money on different creams for every different condition. Twenty8 is pure, ethically-natural and uncomplicated. It is based on the simple rhythms of life as we know it takes around 28-days to create a habit, we are governed by 28-day cycles, particularly women, skin cells take 28-days to reach the surface and we know from a bio-rhythmic point of view we go through an emotional cycle every 28-days.


With this knowledge and by using potent, bio-active ingredients great care and attention has been devoted to ensure exceptional results. The key, depending on need, is combining simple, yet advanced aromatherapy rituals with renowned powerful and restorative ingredients from nature.


The most important step for glowing, radiant skin and optimum wellbeing is commitment. Commitment to the four key areas of health, which include – Nutritional, Physical, Emotional and Chemical components. This means committing to being as close to nature with your food choices, ensuring you move your body daily, honoring your emotional needs – the highs and lows – and of course limiting your chemical exposure. There is no doubt this encourages skin to grow from the inside out with harmony and grace. Awaken your skin, your senses and your soul by taking on the 28-day rejuvenation challenge so you can enjoy beautiful, glowing, radiant and healthy skin and that inner sparkle for yourself.



Kim Morrison – Founder and Creator of Twenty8



Twenty8 is 100% natural and chemical-free catering for all skin types including sensitive skin. It is ideal for all ages, for men, women and teenagers. We stand by an exceptionally strong ethos where NO questionable, toxic or synthetic ingredient, or any ingredient tested on animals will be included. Twenty8 is a beauty and wellbeing range like no other. It is available online or by hosting (or attending) your own in-home SPArkle Experience with Kim Morrison, renowned health and lifestyle educator, six times best-selling author and the founder and creator of Twenty8.