5 Tips to get through Christmas

Christmas is a busy time, a full on time and often it can be quite stressful getting the zillion of little things done in order to switch off, chill and relax! Our only hope is that we don’t burn ourselves out in the process or become some Godzilla over what is meant to be a time of peace, joy and happiness! Here are five top tips to get you through so that you are nice and relaxed, organised and on your game by Christmas Day! And its never too late to take them on.

1. Make A List

As simple as it sounds there is nothing better at this time of year and to keep your day on track than making a list! A list is fantastic, it helps you to mind dump so things don’t keep nagging in your mind hoping you won’t forget them, and it helps you to keep on schedule. Make a list the night before so you go to bed feeling organised. Work out what you have to get, where you have to go to get it and how long it is all going to take. Ticking things off your list and the sense of achievement that comes with it is also a bonus. You actually feel like you are getting somewhere and it is not so overwhelming.

2. Prioritise

 Work out from your list what needs doing and by when and then prioritise. This means you too. No more excuses – move yourself to the top of the list or you are never going to get through this time. It is a common human trait to feel guilty about taking time out for yourself especially when you are so busy, but if we don’t and we always put ourselves last, or worse – not at all – then our health and wellbeing starts to suffer. And we are no good to anyone! It does not mean going to day spas or taking long luxurious baths (but if you can grab every opportunity!) just simple things like not neglecting exercise can be more than enough for some. Having a coffee or herbal tea and reading the paper – even reading all the advertising material that comes through the mail can be a relaxing time out – and a double bonus may even help with gift choices and bargains. The more you take some quiet time for you or practice self-care the more you have in reserves, and the more you have to give!

3. Tap into the power of nature through Aromatherapy

 It can change the way you think and feel in seconds. There is no other natural therapy that crosses the blood brain barrier instantly and creates a response so fast within the body. This amazing therapy which has been practiced for over 4000 years taps into the healing and restoring properties of plants through the use of pure therapeutic essential oils known as the blood of the plant! Working on a psychological level as well as physical. Lime oil is also known as your ‘beam me up Scottie’ oil!! It can lift your spirits in seconds and help you when you are at a low or feeling stressed. Aromatherapy is now known as the modern day busy persons secret weapon! We need something like this at this time of year!

4. Change your daily routines into rituals.

 By literally changing your intention around your daily routines and turning them into treatments and rituals by incorporating the use of Aromatherapy, your entire day changes! Turn a 2 minute shower into an aromatic therapeutic treatment by placing a drop of your favourite oil onto a face washer and massage your whole body. Do the ‘body boost’ treatment everyday- a full body self massage every morning using 3drops of essential oils into a teaspoon of carrier oil or body lotion and briskly rub over the entire body. By choosing oils that help you to feel better like De-Stress & Revive or Energy & Vitality see how you can alter the way you think and feel instantly, and give your skin a full treatment it deserves while you are at it.  Reduce stress while in the car by placing a drop of Rosemary or Basil onto a tissue and into the air vent to keep everyone alert and focused. Understand how quick it is to alleviate a panic attack or anxiety by inhaling our Instant Calm blend – carry 1 drop on a tissue with you. Relax everyone in the home without them even realising it by lighting your vaporiser the minute you get home with oils like Frankincense and Lavender or Celebrate & Uplift blend. This is one of the easiest things you can incorporate into your daily life without it costing you a lot in time and money. A positive intention and a focus on making yourself a priority can make all the difference.

5. Go chemical free inside and out!

 This is the best anti-aging, stress-eliminating tool around. Become aware of what it is you are putting into your mouth and see how different you feel. If you are constantly picking or not taking the time to prepare good healthy meals and snacks it is just like putting dirty petrol into your car. At some point something will give. In order to last the day and not burn out make sure you have good healthy snacks with you at all times. Hard boiled eggs are a perfect protein snack, vege sticks and hummos, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds or a healthy smoothie in a thermos are all ideal.

 Remember 60% of what goes onto the skin enters the bloodstream, don’t weigh yourself down with toxic skincare products that are loaded with chemicals. Studies show we expose ourselves to over 200 chemicals a day and that is just our personal care products alone! Take back control over your health and stress levels by simply getting back to nature.The Daily Body Boost is perfect.

More and more research is proving what you have always intuitively known, that the way to great health is to work with nature. Choosing to eliminate harmful chemicals in your diet and skincare is easy!