Self-Care Rituals – The Key To Self-Love

Self-Care Rituals - The Key To Self-Love

Many people believe the secret to a happy life is self-love. Being happy
in your own skin. Loving what is, and being free to be oneself. It’s
true, it makes sense but the million-dollar question is how on earth do
we do self-love well and do it long term? I often get asked which oils
help with positive self-talk and self-worth? It’s a biggie. And to be
honest smelling certain oils or blends will not all of a sudden create
some positive utopia as I am sure you can appreciate. When it comes to
self-talk and self-worth there is a real chicken and the egg scenario.
To have positive self-talk we think we need self-love, to have self-love
we think we need to use positive self-talk.  Personally, I believe
there is another way to look at – maybe there are a few other areas to
work on in order to reach the ultimate place of peace and self-love.

There is self-discipline, SELF-CARE, self-talk, self-control and self-worth which all perhaps lead to SELF-LOVE!

Depending on which one of these lights you up the most is where you
could start. For me it is self-care. Its about taking ACTION. When I am
following a routine, a ritual or a program I am so much better at all
the other things. I believe having discipline to do the self-care it is
the fundamental basis for self-love. When we have discipline we find we
have more power over our mind and better self-control. When we have
better control and know we have that power we can take better care of
ourselves by eating the right foods and doing the right things, relating
more positively and making the right choices.

When we are doing all these things well we think better therefore we
talk to ourselves more respectfully and show more care. When we show we
care for ourselves our level of self worth increases, we actually
believe in our potential and know we are capable of striving for more.

Even when we fall or are challenged and face hardship we know with
discipline and following a structure that supports us we can and will
get through. When emotions are high, intelligence is low so a crux to
enable us to function and make it through each moment, each day is what
matters. We may know logically that the challenge will pass and that it
will get better or easier yet when we are in the middle of it, it can be
extremely hard. The answer for me always is essential oils.

It’s a fact when we stay committed to ourselves we feel better. When we
have all of the above areas ticking along there is unbridled self-love.
And we all know when there is love there is no need for anything else.
It just is. It is beautiful with no judgement, no blame, no disgust,
shame or hurt. Just pure and utter love.

Essential oils are an amazing action and discipline – they are the
ultimate self-care tool. They are the reason I do my own personal daily
rituals like spritzing, using a vaporizer, a drop every morning for my
daily WOD (Workout Of the Day) and in my daily body boost ritual. The
body boost is the ultimate way of saying thanks to my mind for
everything it dishes out – good and not so good – and thanks to my body
for all it gives to me! It is a ritual about acknowledging it and
appreciating my body – regardless of how it looks. Even if it is wobbly
or has bits I may not like there is a finely tuned beautiful athlete in
there keen to show herself to the world and be loved. By connecting to
my body with my oils and rituals I am constantly reminded of its awe,
its magnificence and all that is possible.

No matter what works for you what is imperative is to have highly
effective tools that work for you in an instant. Things that don’t cost
the earth and things you can grab with ease. These are the best tools I
have encountered. Essential oils are my life. I take them everywhere. I
use smell to get me through challenges and anchor all positive moments
into my being. And so can you.

So the next question is where to start? The best oils to use are the
ones you like. There are twelve exquisite blends to choose from at
Twenty8. If you are not sure which ones then go for the name that lights
you up. What do you want more of in your life? Do you fancy more energy and vitality? More calm? Maybe some celebration? More romance and self-love? Or focus and clarity? Actually any one of the twelve blends could be perfect, they all smell beautiful and have different effects depending on the desired outcome.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to self-care and especially in
aromatherapy, it is the ritual – the ‘doing’ of taking action that
matters. The important thing is to get your vaporiser out, use your spritzer, take on the daily body boost,
add oils into your skincare rituals, shower, bath and even the culinary
ones in your cooking. Get into the habit of using essential oils
everywhere and the discipline of self-care becomes easier and easier.
Start out with the Body Boost pack or for those of you willing and ready to jump in then the Ultimate Aromatherapy pack has everything you need to get into a multitude of daily self-care rituals.

Let’s face it, when we are doing self-care rituals on a daily basis that
feel good and smell amazing you see that love of self grow.
Aromatherapy is not only beautiful, it is easy. In my humble opinion,
this is the number one reason why essential oils are the best and most
amazing tool for self-love! Give it a try and let me know if you feel
the same!