Autumn is the cooling off of the summer heat and brilliant colours of the changing leaves.  As your summer colour fades on your skin, the remains of little scars from insect bites and scratches from your camping trips or days at the beach loom into view.


With the air less muggy but still warm in many areas, this is also prime walking, running, biking, rock-climbing, and hiking time. Even though weather changes may not be avoidable, seasonal skin havoc is, if you plan and take care. During this season, your skin needs a more gentle and caring approach with extra nourishment and protection.


Check out these 5 Autumn seasonal tips.


1.         Keep up your water intake. All of us tend to drink more liquids in the summer but this shouldn’t stop with the cooler change in temperatures.  Drinking lots of water has been bandied about for years but there are many realistic reasons for doing it.  One being the fact that the body flushed of toxins through your urine – the more you go the more your liver is being filtered.  Also, a big plus of being well hydrated is that it can help to curb your appetite- so often we think we’re hungry when really we just need a glass of water. Frequenting the steam room on occasion and regular physical exercise also help our body release fluids to encourage toxin cleansing.  Sweating is a natural way of releasing toxins and pushing out blocked or clogged pores in the skin. Don’t reach for an anti-perspirant, this simply blocks the pores with aluminum and clogs your system with more toxins.


2.         Another natural and inexpensive way to improve your overall skin is to supplement with green food! The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ could not be more true. Whilst bad eating habits may not show overnight it is the cumulative effect this has on our body and skin. In summer months the skin tends to take on a more improved texture and glow. Sunshine provides us with a photogenic source of vitamin D – not found commonly in many foods. The sun also helps relieve symptoms of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder which can cause lethargy and depression, so make sure you get out and about on sunny Autumn days and enjoy and good vitamin D dose! Don’t forget to protect the skin if you are going to be out in the sun all day – you can still get burnt in Autumn. Supplement with a high quality green powder – I love Changing Habits Super Greens as it is loaded with nutrient dense vitamins perfect for our skin!


If your skin is normal, and you’d been using a light moisturizer and foundation during the day, try a richer, thick formula instead. Apply a moisturizer at night, too, on your neck, ears, and collarbone area, as well as your face.


If your skin is normal-to-oily or oily, and you have avoided a moisturizer all summer, try an oil-free formula for both daytime and overnight use.


If your skin is normal-to-dry or dry, and you’d been using a light moisturizer all summer, switch to a richer, thicker, creamier, but non-clogging formula.


If your skin is fairly normal and you use a light moisturiser and foundation you might like to try a thicker formula instead.


Lavender and Frankincense are both regenerating and healing oils, Simply adding 2 drops of each into a compress or using in spritzer is a fantastic way to keep the skin glowing. Steam inhalations help sweat the skin and make it feel clearer! Both of these oils are an excellent skincare addition and can be added to your serums or moisturisers too!


3.         Whatever your skin type, be sure to moisturize your body as well as your face. With your skin slightly damp after showering or bathing, apply a natural body oil or cream, concentrating on any rough spots – elbows, knees, feet. Make sure you exfoliate at least every second day if not every day and make body brushing a part of your morning ritual!


4.        Autumn and winter are a good time to repair summer sun damage and even out your skin tone. Moisturising becomes more important than ever, regardless of your skin type. Patch dryness, eczema and psoriasis, seborrhea and pityriasis rosea can start to flare. Even oily skin needs a moisturiser to keep oil production at bay. If oily skin is left to fight dryness on its own, it will start producing more pore-clogging oils, creating problems for you. Masks are a fantastic way to boost the skin as are steam inhalations and compressing! The Face Lift Serum is an exquisite skin booster at this time of year!

5.         Get outdoors, connect to nature. Overall Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors and earth yourself. Whilst rain may increase so too can the cool crisp clear days. Get out and enjoy them. Know how much better you feel when you make the effort! Take special care of your skin. Protect and nourish it and above all feed it through good nutrition with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, quality fats, free range and organic meats and real, whole foods.


And most of all SMILE! This is the best skincare of all! Be kind, take care!