MINDD Your Family – Houston we have a problem.  Kim and Cyndi spent 3 days at the MINDD conference in Sydney and decided to do a podcast on what they learnt.  Kim, Cyndi and Carren realise that what they do is impart knowledge to educate people to have choices to improve their life.  It is the people who take that information and act not only for themselves but for their families that will have the greatest impact on healing.  The most significant lesson learnt at MINDD 2015 was that education and change is imperative if we are to create healthy generations to come.  Our children are in trouble in the past 10 years there has been an escalation in many child hood diseases, not so much infectious diseases but diseases of the immune system.  Listen in on an incredibly emotional podcast that should be spread to young men and women planning on having a family.

Click here to listen to podcast UC 130: MINDD Your Family

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It is a privilege for us three gals to be working with the amazing Wellness Guys – Dr Laurence Tham, Dr Brett Hill and Dr Damian Kristof. Make sure you check out their show too – The Wellness Guys.
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