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Hands up who’s ready to make the most SIMPLE, SCRUMPTIOUS & SALIVATING homemade body scrubs EVERR?? Hells yeah I hear you say 🙂

DIY body scrubs have been on my to-do-list for yonkies years however I always seemed to put them in the too-hard-basket for some reason?? Hmmmm what a silly thing for me to do!! Especially when I now know how easy peasey they are to make yourself, with ingredients straight from the pantry and good enough to eat!! YUMMO!!

The best part about making these scrub-a-dub-dubs is that you control exactly what goes in!! So that means no chemicals, preservatives or anything toxic. Only pure goodness from nature (essential oils) mixed in with a couple of items from your kitchen cupboard!! And that’s it!!

Simo Says – Whatever we put on our skin, our bodies absorb!!

Just like the food we put in our gob, our “SKIN FOOD” also needs to be nourishing, clean and healing for our bodies. A lot of us may not consider how much our skin actually absorbs but we only need to take a look at the way doctors prescribe medical patches and drugs through “transdermal absorption” to see this method is real my legendary peeps!!
So with this is mind, it is imperative that we all take extra care as to what sorts of things we slap onto our skin…with a special attention to chemicals!!

Chemical toxicity is a mighty big one. There are chemicals everywhere from our food, water, personal care products, plastics, clothes, cars and many other lifestyle factors. And while a small amount of exposure has been considered “safe”, there is still very little known about the “accumulation” effect and the impact this “chemical overload” is having on the human system.

The latest research is even suggesting that chemical toxicity may be linked to weight issues, diabetes, immune disorders, ADHD, behavioural concerns, cancer and heart disease!!

Goodness me, if it is questionable then best to steer clear I say 🙂 🙂 🙂

I was also shocked to discover that a big offender contributing to chemical pollution was the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry. These guys have no main regulatory body, meaning they are very loosely monitored, giving companies pretty much free-range to include almost anything they wish until (or if/when) a public complaint is made. What is the G-O with that??
Simo Says – Why choose chemicals when the best stuff is found in nature!!

We have the most beautiful, innate affinity and synergy with nature. How lucky are we that our plant kingdom offers many healing and restorative qualities for our skin as well as promoting overall health, balance and harmony. It really is such a priveldge to have such divine beauty at our finger tips and one that we should all treasure; not try and replicate in a lab!!

One sure way to encapture the essence of nature is to include essentials oils into your skin care regime. It certainly is the secret ingredient behind these delicious scrub recipes that I am about to share with you now. A few drops of 100% pure, therapeutic grade ESSENTIAL OILS from a reputable company like Twenty8 allows you to experience mother nature at its finest!!

Srub-A-Dub-Dub Recipes

1. Invigorating Lavender & Lime Salt Scrub

  • 1 ½ cups of pink Himalayan sea salt
  • 1/2 cup organic, cold-pressed coconut oil (melted)
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops lime essential oil

*Optional topping of finely grated lime rind for that extra touch

Simo Says – Lime is incredibly uplifting, refreshing and revitalising. It increases the feeling of fun and joy whilst stimulating the lymphatic system, increasing circulation and aiding digestion.

2. Lavender, Geranium & Rose Coconut Scrub

  • 1 ½ cups of coconut sugar, rapadura sugar or coconut palm sugar
  • 1/2 cup organic, cold-pressed coconut oil (melted)
  • 4 drops geranium essential oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops rose essential oil (optional)

* I like to mix through 1 tablespoon of desiccated coconut flakes too.
Oh my…this is your LUSH blend that truly nourishes your soul & nurtures your spirit. It is soothing, calming, balancing, healing and wonderful for emotional stress and lifting your vibration

Note: Rose is known as the QUEEN of all oils and comes with quite a hefty price tag. Feel free to leave it out and substitute with one more drop of each of the other oils 🙂

3. Bergamot & Frankincense Nourishing Sugar Scrub

  • 1 ½ cups of coconut sugar, rapadura sugar or coconut palm sugar
  • 1/2 cup of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil (melted)
  • 5 drops bergamot essential oil
  • 5 drops frankincense essential oil

* looks beautiful topped with grated orange peel

Bergamot is anti-inflammatory making it great for eczema & dermatitis!! (also calms anxiety too – yay). Combined with Frankincense, which also has repairing, rejuvenating & regenerating properties, this blend is incredibly healing!!

4. Chocolate Orange Body Scrub

  • 1 ½ cups of coconut sugar, rapadura sugar or coconut palm sugar
  • 1/2 cup of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil (melted)
  • 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
  • 10 drops orange essential oil

YUM YUM YUM – I can guarantee that you will want to eat this straight from the jar…and you totally can if you wish!! That’s the best part 🙂

Chocolate and orange are the happiest of combo’s and will be sure to put a smile on your dial. Check out my recipe for Choc Orange Happiness Cups for some more happiness overload!!!

The Method (plus some extra scrubbing tips)

Step 1 – Mix all ingredients together into a bowl
Step 2 – Transfer mixture to your favourite glass jar with a secure lid
Step 3 – Add any optional toppings to make it look (and smell) UNREAL!!
Step 4 – Get wet, scrub away and wash impurities down the plug hole

*If the mixture is too dry, just add in some more coconut oil

*You can substitute the coconut oil with olive, macadamia, almond, rose-hip, jojoba or any other cold-pressed varieties (cold-pressed oils are the better choice as they still have all there nutrients intact. Our skin luurrrvvves the nutrients and slurps it up like there is no tomorrow :))

*Any raw sugar is fine to use. Just make sure it is as close to its natural form as possible (definitely not the refined-white stuff).

*Get creative and have fun experimenting with your own essential oil blends.There is no right or wrong way, just follow your gut and give it a go!!  Check out Twenty8 range and get inspired!!

Salt and sugar scrubs are the absolute BOMB!!!

These natural ingredients are a super effective body exfoliant and the inclusion of essential oils only enhances your pamper session even more. Woo hoo!!! You will experience a full mind, body and soul treatment and will be left with the most soft, supple and clean skin ever…the perfect preparation for you daily aromatic body boost…just bliss!!

Simo Says – Time to jump in the tub and SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB (he he)