Being healthy takes energy, commitment, passion and an insatiable thirst for self-care. Whilst we may not always stay on track – and get distracted at times – there is no doubt that being committed to your health and believing you are worthy of that commitment is one of the most assured ways to stay healthy for life. If you strip it back it is simply about taking action and knowing that every day we have new choices and a chance for new beginnings. You just have to stay friends with your health mojo!

So what is your health mojo? You know that feeling you get inside when you know you need to go for a run, or its time to run a bath. Those times when you know a face mask is just what you need or a healthy fresh salad for dinner is on the cards. That feeling, that desire is your mojo for health and that beautiful entity is what we want to stay friends with – for life! And here are 5 ways to find your health mojo!

1. Create a daily check list

There is nothing better to keep your day on track than making a list! Human’s have an innate love for ticking things off and the sense of achievement that comes with it. Create your own daily check list or pinch this one! Make a monthly chart and stick it on the fridge. Have a sense of urgency and priority when it comes to this. Call it your daily check in!

    1. Exercise of the day – do something everyday, shake it, move it, do it!

    2. Daily Body Boost – set your day up right, 2minute full body massage with your oils.

    3. Affirmation of the Day – say something positive about YOU… I am an extraordinary being…

    4. Healthy Food Choices – easy, delicious and empowering, go more raw.

    5. Natural Organic Skin Care Rituals – start slowing your aging today, go chemical free!

    6. Laugh! – the key to a successful happy life, and strong immune system, share a joke.

    7. Practice Mindfulness – even 30 sec’s of mindfulness positively affects your nervous system.

2. Prioritise – no more excuses move yourself to the top of the list

It is a common human trait, a silly one at that, to feel guilty about taking time out for yourself. But if you don’t, and always tend to put yourself last on the list (if at all) then your health and wellbeing can indeed suffer.  It’s a known fact if you don’t fill your own tank first, if you don’t take time for a little self-care each day, then you could simply run out of gas… and then may not be good to anyone! The more you have in reserve, the more you acknowledge your self-worth – it makes sense… the more you have to give! Just doing your body boost each day will have you ticking this one off the list every day easily!

3. Tap into the power of nature through Aromatherapy!

It can change the way you think and feel in seconds. There is no other natural therapy that crosses the blood brain barrier instantly and creates a response as fast within the body. This amazing therapy which has been practiced for over 4,000 years taps into the healing and restoring properties of plants through the use of pure therapeutic essential oils – also known as the blood or life force of the plant! Working on a psychological level as well as a physical one, Aromatherapy is now known as the modern day busy persons secret weapon! Simply lighting your vaporiser, using your spritzer, bathing in a few drops or placing a drop on a tissue and inhaling is tapping into this power. See? Another easy tick!

4. Change your daily routines into rituals!

By changing your intention around your daily routines and turning them into treatments and rituals by incorporating the use of Aromatherapy, your entire day changes! Turn a quick shower into an aromatic therapeutic treatment with a drop of your favourite oil on a fash wash all over your body. Take on the 2minute ‘body boost’ treatment before you dress and see how you can alter the way you think and feel instantly. Simply reduce stress while at work or in the car with aromatic tissues. Cleanse the air, or freshen your skin with your aromatic spritzer.  Relax everyone in the home without them even realising it by lighting a vaporiser. Release tension and have the best nights sleep ever in an aromatic bath and a drop on your pillow before retiring. It is so easy and it does not mean you need more time. All it takes is just a different intention on what you were going to do anyway and a focus on making yourself a priority. Tick number 3!

5. Go chemical-free inside and out!

More and more research is proving what you have always intuitively known, that the way to great health is to work with nature. This is the best anti-aging, health rejuvenating tool around. Become aware of what it is you are putting into your mouth and onto your skin and not only will you see a dramatic slowing in the aging of your skin but you often see a dramatic effect in your overall health. Over 60% of what goes onto the skin enters our bloodstream. Studies show we expose ourselves to over 200 chemicals a day and that is just our personal care products alone! Take better control of your health and aging by simply getting back to nature. Choosing to eliminate harmful chemicals in your diet and skincare is easy, and we will show you how with TWENTY8!