Sonia is one of our Healthy Lifestyle Educators. Originally a Tassie girl she has moved to the Sunny State for her husbands work. In the process she is starting to find out exactly who she is, what she believes in and the lifestyle she wants for her family. Currently living in North Lakes Sonia has worked as s Registered Nurse in the area of Oncology for 25 years and now using her Health & Lifestyle Educator qualification is excited to be sharing a holistic approach using chemical-free philosophies and beautiful products.

If you live in this area and would like to experience an in-home SPArkle Experience with Sonia and to learn about the Twenty8 cleanser and other skincare products or oils then click here.

Love Kim

A Cleansing Start

If any of you have a teenage daughter, know one, teach one or can remember being one then you may have an inkling as to the challenges of introducing them to something that YOU know might be good for them. My daughter (Eliza) is bright, intelligent, talented and oh so stubborn (ok that’s a negative, she is strong minded, not easily manipulated and stands up for her own views and opinions!!)

I have been on my own journey of self discovery and when I learn a truth about nutrition, low-tox living or a better way to health I want to share and teach this to the ones I love most. I guess it is easy to become a little evangelistic about it all. My darling daughter will butt heads with me all the way. She even becomes  suspicious with any of my cooking; you just never know what secret ingredient I might hide in a chocolate cake!!!

I have been using the beautiful Twenty8 skin care products for about two years now after my sweet husband gifted them to me for Mothers Day. I had never maintained a regular routine of cleansing my skin let alone owning a matching set of skin care products before; they became very precious to me. I began cleansing with the beautiful Ultimate Cleanser, Spritzing or Compressing with the Toner and moisturising with the Face Lift Serum or Nourishing Moisturiser. Before I knew it I had developed a beautiful ritual of skin care. Luckily my husband takes hints easily and my supplies were replenished at Christmas and Birthdays.

Enter stage right Eliza; she was taking part in a stage musical and was required to wear heavy theatre makeup, which was very difficult to remove and was becoming quite harsh on her beautiful delicate skin. I offered her my cleanser. I was astounded how this soft creamy cleanser shifted the heaviest eye makeup. I know this might sound like I am trying to be a vacuum cleaner salesman, but this stuff really works !!! So much so that it was around this time that my cleanser and moisturiser started to evaporate…into Eliza’s bathroom.

Eliza now has her own set of skin care and I am very pleased that she uses it every day. Not that I would tell her, but she now has her own rituals of self-care. She may refuse my chocolate cake with beetroot, will reluctantly drink chicken bone broth when she is really unwell and wouldn’t dare drink a green smoothie; yet I am so proud that what she is putting on her skin is chemical free, gentle on the environment, smells fantastic and most of all it works. It is a start to better health, to respecting herself and the planet. My greatest wish is that it has a ripple effect through her life, her friend’s lives and then beyond even that.

It the mean time I will continue to be the change that I want to see in others, particularly those closest to my heart.

Sonia Berry – Qualified Health & Lifestyle Educator, North Lakes, Brisbane, QLD