Rose is well renowned for its beauty, grace and exquisite aroma. It was one of the first flowers from which an essential oil was ever distilled way back in the tenth century.

It is a flower that has been highly revered and used throughout history. Perhaps Cleopatra is one of the best examples. The story goes… to lure Mark Antony she had her ship rubbed down in rose wax, the sails dipped in rosewater and hundreds of exquisite rose petals strewn across the bedroom! There is no mistaking its romantic and aphrodisiac virtues.

Known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’, when distilled it is also thought of as the Queen amongst essential oils. Over time it has been used to treat many disorders of the female reproductive system and whilst many essential oils have an affinity for a particular part of the body and it is not surprising that Rose has a particular preference and affinity with the uterus. It is cleansing, purifying and regulating. It is also alluring, enchanting, indulging and nurturing.

In a spritzer rose is a gentle but potent antidepressant. It is excellent to use in times of grief, stress and for emotional wounds. In a massage blend it is an excellent antispasmodic oil and in skincare it is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or ageing skin. It has a tonic and astringent effect on capillaries and on the circulation in general.

To fill a 10ml bottle of rose oil a tonne of rose petals is required.  Rose carries an expensive price tag due to this high quantity and the very high costs involved in its extraction, but then only very little is needed to treat a mental, emotional or physical condition.  It is the ultimate self-love oil.

Considered a popular base note, the perfume industry uses more than the world’s annual production of Rose oil, so where does the rest come from? It difficult to detect adulterated Rose Oil, even with gas chromospectography so perhaps the best guide is a trustworthy supplier and your own nose. Just one drop rubbed onto the perfume points is enough to send any nose into a romantic frenzy!