I do not quite know how to describe my beautiful Edible Facial that the gorgeous Liz Galleghan from www.eatyourselfbeautiful.com.au gave me this week. Working from her beautiful clinic at Nature’s Energy www.naturesenergy.com.au in Balmain I asked her to describe exactly what she did for me as I actually fell asleep in parts it was that relaxing. The other amazing thing was the taste and smells… It was seriously a sensual heavenly experience like no other!


Check this menu and see if you could recreate it in your own home. I have suggested which oils would be perfect to include too!

Here is the run down of what she did and which super food products she used:

1st cleanse: Coconut oil

I used this because it is really nourishing to the skin, it has antibacterial properties and it binds to oil and make-up in order to effectively clean the skin.

2nd cleanse: Red grapes

I rubbed the inside pulp of the grape over your skin as grapes contain tartaric acid which cleans the skin and promotes shedding of the outer layer of dead skin cells.

1st Toner: Apple Cider Vinegar

Rebalances skin’s pH, high in vitamins and minerals, acts as an astringent and contains enzymes which exfoliate.

Exfoliant: Yoghurt, sea salt, cinnamon, rapadura sugar

Yoghurt: Contains lactic acid which softens and gently exfoliates the skin

Rapadura Sugar: Contains glycolic acid which helps to dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells together.

Sea salt: High in minerals, antibacterial, adds to the abrasiveness of the scrub

Cinnamon: Antibacterial, smells yummy!

Lip scrub: Cacao powder, olive oil and sugar

These work together to exfoliate and nourish the lips and tastes yummy.

Fruit enzyme peel: Kiwifruit and Papaya

Kiwifruit contains the enzyme Actinidin and the Papaya contains the enzyme Papain, which work together to slough off dead skin cells and improve skin texture.


Egg yolk – high in vitamin A which regenerates skin cells. The yolk is also very softening to the skin.

Banana – Moisturising, high in B vitamins

Avocado – High in vitamins and minerals and the oil from the avocado penetrates the skin quite deeply to nourish it

Acai powder – High in antioxidants

Manuka honey – Antibacterial, moisturising

2nd toner: Green tea

High in antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage. It’s also anti-inflammatory and cooling


Cacao butter – Softens the skin and acts as an occludent which helps to prevent moisture loss

I dont know about you… but just writing this makes me melt… If you can imagine having the healing and therapeutic hands of a beautiful therapist applying all of this, a candle lit room, gently music and warm towels you will probably get the same sense of calm and yumminess I did!

Please follow gorgeous Liz… she is amazing. I am so honoured to have had experienced this – it will be something I talk about for some time!

Kim x