I often get asked – ‘Which oils and skincare products are best to share with the man in my life?’ If your partner is not ‘naturally’ inclined or even shows much of in interest in this world of aromatherapy and chemical-free it can be hard to convince them otherwise. And although it might be frustrating, remember anyone living and breathing will be effected by essential oils whether they believe it or not! In other words you can create a beautiful aromatic environment with love – you do not need to force them on anyone. Here’s a few rules that might help with turning your man!

First up remember not to force the oils or natural way of being onto anyone. If they are not too into them they will not like that and may find even more reason not to like them if you do. Secondly do not buy the oils for your men. Buy them for you. Ultimately if you are feeling good and they support you that’s what truly matters. If they improve your sense of self, wellbeing and health that’s what will be noticed. Men may feel they do not need pampering or that oils will help them. They may not believe they work in the way you do, and they may think it is just another expense you may not need to be spending money on! If any of this is your man then back up, buy what you love and share them in a loving way with the vaporiser, maybe if they take a bath add a few drops, use the spritzer around the home or put a tissue with a few drops into the car vent. This will subconsciously help create a positive aromatic environment and with any luck the more you do it the more they will become familiar and enjoy what you are sharing.
Here are a few top oils and products to consider for the men and why!

Lavender – You actually cannot go wrong with Lavender oil. For most people – men and women – this calming, nurturing, healing oil is excellent for everything from skin conditions to headaches. Although it has a floral tone it is not overly sweet and is common enough for most men to just notice it as a pleasant smell. It is great for all skin irritations, for a sense of relaxation and a drop on the pillow will certainly help with a better nights sleep. Lavender is the number one oil to have in your repertoire and a great place to start.

Peppermint – This is a favourite for cleansing the mind, to improve digestion, for clearing sinuses and easing a head ache. A favourite way to introduce Peppermint into your man’s life is making him a Lavender and Peppermint foot bath. Or running him a bath with a couple of drops of each. The peppermint can make the skin feel refreshed and almost zingy. Many men like to know the oils do actually do something and Peppermint is a great oil to show a cooling and yet warming effect on the skin.

Immune Boost – Most people do all they can to not get ill or run down. Immune Boost is a strong medicinal oil that will help strengthen and protect the immune system. Its hearty aroma and strong cleansing and clearing abilities works particularly well for men. A good old fashioned inhalation can work wonders especially if your man has the good ol’ ‘man flu’. In fact when man flu is present this is ultimately the best time to allow the oils to work their magic and the more you fuss over them using these potent substances the more receptive they may be when well again!

Romance & Intimacy – A wonderful and very beautiful essential oil blend that is particularly calming, soothing and sensual. Just telling your man this is an aphrodisiac oil might be enough to convince him you need it! Use it in the vaporiser in the bedroom, as a beautiful massage blend or in a candle lit bath – and again it might be all that is needed to prove their worth! If nothing else this is an exceptional perfume for you to enjoy regardless.

Vigour & Spice – Our gorgeous aftershave and spicy masculine blend.  This is a particularly great combination of oils for an uplift and uppercut. The oils used in this blend are popular in the world of aroma’s for men. It is a playful, reenergising and happy blend. Perfect to use in the vaporiser or spritzer, great to put by the lap top or computer, or as an air freshener in the bathroom. A wonderful blend to use a few drops when washing the face or placing a few drops on a loofah when in the shower. Definitely highly recommend this one!

Healing Skin Boost – When it comes to skincare a lot of men may not be that onto it, or they may be used to little fuss or using more chemically-laden products. This will become a massive favourite once they get their hands on it and realise how amazing it is for the skin. It is the ultimate treat for all skin conditions including irritations, rashes and broken skin. A wonderful product to use on the skin after shaving to help soothe and refreshen the skin. It has a wonderful tightening and cooling effect which many men really like. To enhance its qualities a moisturiser or serum will hydrate and nourish the skin afterwards.

Face Lift Serum – This incredibly potent skin serum is excellent for men’s skin. Just a few drops is all that is needed to make all the difference from nice skin to amazing skin. It is deeply regenerating, hydrating and replenishing. The pleasant aroma is liked by both men and women and its silky feel makes the skin feel super smooth. It is ideal with the Healing Skin Boost and works best when applied to damp skin. For many men who do not want too much pfaff in the bathroom, a nice shaving ritual includes shaving then a quick ice massage. This is followed by the Healing Skin Boost and then four drops of the exquisite Face Lift Serum.

Nourish Revitalising Moisturiser – This amazing creamy moisturiser just melts into the skin and feels very rejuvenating and smooth to the face. It can be used as an alternative to the Face Lift Serum or used as well as the Serum to really give the skin a soft, silky feel. Men in particular like this moisturiser as it is deeply moisturising yet feels light and not a lot is needed for a great effect.

So there you have it. The top eight products that the man in your life may well appreciate and love to use as part of his new self-care regime. You may need to show him the way on how to use the oils and it may not be gut instinct for your man to light a vaporiser or spritz his skin. However it has been proven that men of today are far more open and aware of the importance of self-care and in fact love to be shown how to take a little more pride in the way they look and feel. It is such a treat to watch them fall in love with the products in the same way you do, so just take your time and most of all fully embrace and love how products like this make you feel.

A little loving guidance goes a long way! Good luck!

Kim x