If you have ever felt like life is one big emotional roller coaster or whenever you feel physically or emotionally off balance, Geranium is the number one oil to call on.

Due to its regulating effect on the nervous system it can help to relieve stress, depression, nervous tension, headaches and anxiety. Used in a bath, vaporizer or spritzer the sedative yet uplifting qualities makes it an ideal choice.

It has been known to be the best oil for workaholics and obsessive perfectionists so again placing a few drops in a vaporizer by the computer or in the office can also bring a sense of calm, balance and perspective.

Not too dissimilar from Lavender, if Geranium had a personality it would be described as a mother – a person who is nurturing and always ready to take care of someone!  This beautiful floral aroma gives a sense of security and stability. It is said to be balancing, stabilizing, regulating and comforting.

Geranium contains geraniol making it strongly anti-viral and due its high ester content it is also considered an excellent anti-fungal oil.

Geranium has excellent healing, astringent and homeostatic properties which is why it is used in compresses and massage blends to treat wounds and bruises.  It has anti-inflammatory properties making it excellent in skincare for acne, eczema and psoriasis. And it has antiseptic and cytophalactic (cell regenerating) qualities for the treatment of burns and skin conditions. You can add 3 drops to a teaspoon of coconut oil and apply to the effected area 3 times per day. It is however, recommended to be avoided topically on hypersensitive skin.

One drop of this green leafy-rose scented aroma added to your moisturizer can have a wonderful balancing action on the skin’s sebum. This can be particularly helpful for dry, oily and combination skin.

From soaps through to moisturisers, detergents and perfumes Geranium has been used throughout history for its fragrance and to promote beautiful radiant skin. Combined with jojoba oil it is excellent in helping to reduce wrinkles.

When hormones feel like they are up and down, especially during puberty and menopause, or if pre-menstrual tension is present, Geranium can help bring a whole new sense of balance and calm. In fact adding a few drops to a vaporizer or diffuser can be a subtle but effective way to bring relief for everyone!

When used in a spritzer with Lavender and Tea Tree, Geranium has natural insect-repellant properties. And because Geranium is a circulatory oil it is excreted through your sweat, making it an excellent oil to use in your deodorant.

One drop makes a beautiful perfume and a few drops in a bath before bed with Lavender is a wonderful way to calm the mind and body before sleep.

Versatile, fresh, balancing and uplifting, Geranium is a must-have for every home!