The orange tree is pretty remarkable in the aromatherapy world as it produces three different essential oils. Orange comes from the orange peel, petitgrain from the leaves and neroli, or orange blossom, comes from the flower.

Just like its flesh, the oil derived from the orange peel promotes health and vitality. It is a great oil to use in most blends and, while it is uplifting and radiating, it also has relaxing and calming properties.

Take for example a blend with orange and tea tree. This would be a wonderful antiseptic blend to treat acne and oily skin. Orange blended with lavender or neroli would have wonderful relaxing properties to treat insomnia and stress. When blended with rosemary uplifting properties to treat fatigue and exhaustion would be ideal. And if blended with the oil of jasmine it would become a sensual blend with antidepressant qualities.

The essential oil of orange is a top note with a citrus aroma that is sweet and refreshing. It conveys a sense of warmth and joy and combines beautifully with the spicy oils of cinnamon and clove for a zesty, invigorating and energizing blend or frankincense and myrrh for a more meditative, spiritual blend.

Orange is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-spasmotic and diuretic properties. It is ideal in treating muscular and nervous spasms, headaches, dull skin and is one of the preferred oils for anger, anxiety and depression. It has a balancing effect on the peristaltic action of the digestive tract and can be very helpful for the treatment of constipation and chronic diarrhea. An excellent choice when detoxing orange is especially effective when applied during a lymphatic drainage massage session.

When it comes to the skin orange has a remarkable ability to regenerate and boost smoker’s skin, acne, dry and oily skin, and with a few drops of lavender it is ideal in regular face compresses and spritzers.

Limonene, a major constituent of orange oil, is commonly used in cosmetic products, food manufacturing, flavoring in medicines, in insecticides, and cleaning products.

If ever you are feeling like you need a lift, or a good laugh then reach for this playful oil. Orange is known as the joyful communication oil. It is perfect to encourage open conversation and gives a sense of security for the more anxious types.  Children love the sweet fresh aroma and it can be used to help them sleep and to alleviate tummy upsets. Excellent to use in a vaporizer or diffuser in times of celebration, for parties and when you bring people together. With its cheerful and sensual nature without doubt orange nourishes the soul and has wonderful harmonizing effects.

For more information watch my video below on this amazing oil.

Take care, be kind