Frankincense is an oil to be revered, especially at this time of year. Used throughout history as an integral ingredient in cosmetics and incense burners it is also closely associated with religious traditions and rites. This precious resin was one of the gifts for Jesus Christ along with Myrrh and gold.


Due to these connections it is known as the perfect festive oil and along with Pine, Orange and Myrrh would be ideal in a vaporizer and spritzer. It is a wonderfully relaxing oil which is why it is popular to use in meditation and prayer and is an ideal oil along with lavender and chamomile to keep you chilled in the build up to the hectic Christmas festivities and celebrations.

Frankincense, whose scientific name boswellia carteri, is extracted from the gum or resin of the tree grown in places like Oman, Somalia, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia. The main components alpha pinene actanol, bornyl acetate and linalool make it an excellent stimulating, tonifying and antiseptic oil that is calming, on the nervous system and regenerating for the skin.  It is an excellent immune booster and with its expectorant properties can be used with oils like eucalyptus and lemon, in a chest rub or steam inhalation when feeling run down or blocked up.

Research over the past twenty years has continuously been alerted to the efficacy of Frankincense in the treatment of various benign and malignant tumors, however the corresponding data supporting this information is still being discussed in ongoing research.

Whilst it is not recommended to ingest essential oils the antiseptic qualities make it a fantastic oil to use as a preventative measure against oral conditions like bad breath, toothaches, ulcers and other infections so look for products that include this magical essence. You can make your own toothpaste or mouthwash with coconut oil, baking soda, peppermint or spearmint and frankincense. Or simply add one drop to your toothpaste when brushing your teeth.

Frankincense is renowned as one of the best oils for anti-aging and is excellent to use in repair blends or where the skin has been marked from things like acne, boils or sun-spots. The tonifying, regenerating and cytophylactic qualities may help reduce stretch marks and scarring and is ideal to add a drop to your favorite moisturizer or body lotion.

Frankincense helps to relieve nervous unrest and reduces the effects of mild anxiety and nervous tension. It is a very effective sedative as it helps to create a sense of mental peace, relaxation and a deeper connection within. It is used to help create a more open mind, awakened insight and self-reflection hence its spiritual uses. Used in a bath, vaporizer or diffuser this comforting oil helps to promote deep breathing and mindfulness. If you happen to feel frazzled, overwhelmed or like you are completely strung out – and let’s face it this time of year can certainly do that to the best of us – here is the number one oil to call on. It is the most spiritually uplifting and soothing oil for the mind.