I was asked the other day what are your most favourite things? What could you not do without? I decided there wouldn’t be that much but on reflection and seeing my list I realised there is heaps I absolutely love to have around me and enjoy. Taking the time to write this all down became a ritual in itself. To actually look around and take note of what you enjoy is a privilege we don’t often honour. So, if you fancy a wee challenge I invite you to make a cuppa and then think about all the things that you love and give thanks to all you have!

My Family – of course I cannot go past how grateful I am to have my hubby and two children in my life walking this journey together. They are my most precious and favourite of all things without a doubt and each day I am so thankful they chose me! They are three of the most remarkable human beings and each of them bring such joy and love into my life. I also appreciate the rest of my family too. We don’t have a huge one but I do have family in other parts of Australia, NZ and South Africa and even though I miss them all daily I feel so blessed they are there in a text, a phone call, Skype or an email. This is where I truly love social media as at least there you feel a part of their life and you can share yours…

Social Media – actually this is why I love social media and having the internet to play out here in cyberspace with those I love. I think at the heart of social media, when used ethically, appropriately and with care it is one of the most amazing connectors and is definitely one of my most favourite things to do at the beginning and end of the day.

My Pussy Cat – there is something about pets… they love you unconditionally and bring such joy without ever asking too much. We lost our beautiful other cat last year who was nearly 18years old so to have wee Meisha is a treat indeed and we love her to bits – even if she is a complete snob!

Essential Oils – I mean I cannot ever imagine life without these precious plant extracts. I have used them every single day since I was introduced to them in 1987 and have never ever missed a day of using them since. True story. They are seriously used for everything from lighting a vaporiser every morning, to my body loofah in the shower, I use them as air fresheners, in cleaning products, for spritzing, in my everyday skincare, for first aid, healing, as an emotional enhancer, the best stress relievers, my perfume and really consider them my best buddies… Actually words cannot articulate what they mean to me!

Natural Skincare – without a doubt love love love Twenty8 of course but also love to see other amazing brands out there that have phenomenal creators, products and stories. So in awe of my contemporaries and love it when we get to hang out and share our trials and tribulations!

Running Shoes
– I adore my runners… I love my barefoots and my minimalist shoes. I look at them with sheer love and pride and I certainly appreciate the fact I get a kick out of taking them out on runs with me!

Kindle – my darling Cyndi bought me this for my birthday last year and I adore it. To have my most favourite books on there and to be able to read anywhere, anytime is a privilege I dont often get the time to do. It is the best gift and means I dont have to cart around lots of books when travelling!

Salt Lamp – I love my salt lamp. Apparently they improve indoor air quality by creating healthy negative ions. Along with the beautiful glow I love the gentle ambience they create.

Cookbooks – oh my… I have a lot but my faves at present are Abundance by Tania Hubbard, any of Pete Evans cookbooks, Lola Berry’s – The Happy Cookbook, all of Sarah Wilson’s books and Judy Versallo’s Beautiful cookbook!

Kimchi – I love fermented foods sauerkraut is yummy but my favourite is Kimchi a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings including brine, scallions, spices, ginger, radish, garlic and cabbage that is excellent for gut flora and health. I have a spoonful with almost every meal.

Citrine Crystal
– I don’t fully understand how crystals work but I adore them. My favourite it Citrine which apparently is a joyful stone with bright energy that is said to bring good fortune and good luck. It is the crystal for success, abundance and personal power… I would like some of that! I absolutely love the look of it as it is my favourite coloured crystal for sure.

Broth Of Life – I dont always get the time to make my own organic broth from chicken carcasses so when I am pushed for time I order in my favourite Broth Of Life online and love to use this dehydrated product in my dinners to ensure I am getting some good nutrients in there for me and my wee family! You can also drink a teaspoon into a cup of hot water as a coffee alternative.

Owl Lamp – I have an owl lamp in my bedroom that a good friend Sarah gave me for my birthday one year and I absolutely love it. Putting it on every evening is a treat and I love the ambience it creates. I also think owls are one of my favourite animals that apparently are wise. I always hope when I turn that baby on that I will be lucky enough to find more wisdom somewhere in there for me!

Books – I love books and beside my bed I have a truck load. Depending on my mood will depend on which one I pick up before bed. At present I am loving Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Marianne Williamson – A Course In Miracles.

Insight Cards – I love playing with these and every now and again I will draw my three cards and see what they have to say. Its a bit of fun and I often find they are pretty accurate for how I am feeling and what I am wanting to hear!

Diary – I do love my diary, I love journalling all that I learn and the things I am happy about, grateful for or challenged with. Its a kind of release really!

Kitchen – Love my kitchen and all the deliciousness in there like cashew butter, almond butter, tamari, coconut oil, tahini, inca inchi oil and powder, Cyndi’s salt, my spices, coconut water, fruit and veggies, Superseed mix, cacao and rapadura sugar. I also love my organic spices, essential oils for cooking and my apple cider vinegar!

Thermomix – I mean really how did I ever know life before one. This is seriously the BEST and one and only machine I could always live with! I have had mine for over 8 years now and have loved every single moment of owning it. If you dont have one get a no pressured in home demo done and see why it is a must have – and yes it costs a wee bit but I cannot fault it and would say it is worth every penny!

Wok – I love my stainless steel wok – oh and my Global knives!

Colouring Books – what an awesome craze this has been… And yes I am a sucker for it and love love love it!

Podcasts – absolutely love listening to podcasts and seriously enjoy listening to others talk about all things from business to TED talks to the Wellness Couch to our own show of course – Up For A Chat… in fact one of my most favourite times is recording these with two of my besties!

Natural Makeup – I love makeup and certainly am loving my Adorn makeup at present.

Coconut Mint Lip Balm – its a favorite and love using it day and night!

Coconut Pulling
– sounds absurd but I absolutely LOVE doing this ritual every morning with a tablespoon of coconut oil and 3 drops of Spearmint or Peppermint oil… I swirl and gargle for at least 10minutes as soon as I get up and then brush my teeth straight after… Oh my – its the best!

My work
– and finally when I look around the house and see my oils and skincare I get goosebumps knowing what it takes to create it, manage it, front it and work it! My team and the phenomenal souls who help me create it, produce it and share it are amazing too… And together I get to say that every day I LOVE going to work and doing what I do… even on the days it sucks and is hard or super challenging… I would not replace it!

So there you have it a few things that are my favourites right now. If it sounds like my life is perfect and absolutely brilliant then read between the lines… Yes there are days that are harder than others and yes there have been moments that have truly knocked me off my perch… but taking moments like this are so important and remind me to BE in the now and appreciate all that is good and focus on those things that truly matter! And breathe… And so it is!

I would so love to hear yours so if you ever fancy emailing me your list then please know I would love to see it – info@twenty8.com is where you will find me! I do love hearing from you!