From bass playing musician, to falling in love with the man of her dreams, to partying all through her twenties, you could say Yvette Luciano had it all. However, at 29 years of age life threw a massive curve ball when she discovered a lump in her breast on her honeymoon. She was told it was an aggressive cancer that was spreading through her body and decided in that moment she would make a deal with herself – and the universe – that she would do everything possible to continue living a rich and fulfilled life and make a positive contribution to the world. You can almost hear a pin drop as Carren and Kim listen to Yvette tell her story in part one of a two part podcast on how she has turned such massive obstacles, illness, shock, loss and grief into life-changing opportunities and is impacting the world. If you cannot wait for next week’s podcast and are interested in Yvette’s Soulpreneur Program starting 1st February 2016 click here for more information. You will be wanting more of this woman for sure!

Click here to listen to podcast UC 164 Yvette Luciano – Thriving With Cancer – Part 1

It is a privilege for us three gals to be working with the amazing Wellness Guys – Dr Laurence Tham, Dr Brett Hill and Dr Damian Kristof. Make sure you check out their show too – The Wellness Guys.
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