More Sex ? Try more sexy !!  – Transform your bedroom  into a boudoir.  Dr Christian Northrup, world leading women’s health advocate, stresses the importance of making your bedroom more of a haven and a place you look forward to being in, or sharing. It should be a space where your femininity and nurturing spirit is pampered!

Typically though, many women find themselves running around after everyone else, managing the home and sorting other people’s lives each day! It’s no wonder you retire feeling spent, exhausted and out of  energy! Often the main bedroom is the last place in the house to receive any love and attention and by the time you fall into bed at night romance is the last thing on your mind!

The good news is it doesn’t take much. With a little sprucing, instead you can have your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. You just have to make the time to do it!

Declutter .. your bedroom is not the laundry!

Clear out clothes you have not worn in over a year, or swear you will fit into one day. Donate shoes, jewellery, clothes and ornaments collecting dust to goodwill. Vacuum under the bed, behind any furniture and make sure you include window ledges and the wardrobe. Create space so the room feels more spacious. Wipe everything down with warm water and eucalyptus oil. The cleansing smell and purifying energy this oil brings is phenomenal!

Make over your bed

Replace your old ratty sheets and old pillows with fresh with new linen and pillows. After all this is the love nest and place of rest so it is important to make it a warm inviting space.

Create a precious box

Get a container or box that you can place all the precious things you don’t want to get rid of but do not need to have on display. This includes your precious cards, letters and notes you have received.  Decide which are the most important photos to have on display. Maybe rotate these from your ‘precious things’ box.

Set the mood

Invest in a candle or two and an aromatic vaporiser or diffuser with the exquisite Romance & Intimacy oil blend . This potent combination of Ylang Ylang , Orange, Patchouli, Rosewood and Sandalwood is known to enhance loving relationships, romance and positive communication! No joke this blend should come with a warning! Light your vaporiser every evening. The ambience this creates alone is priceless! Maybe Always ensure you have a bottle of Everyday Body Lotion  beside the bed too! Whilst it is a fantastic ritual to massage into your hands and feet each evening… it is also the perfect non-chemical, natural lubricating cream! Say no more!

Add nature

Include something from nature. Add a living plant to your room to add fresh oxygen, just like the power of essential oil, plants give many health benefits and brings us back to our subconscious animal nature.

Décor your bedroom to boudoir

Now is the time to add finishing touches and add some personality to your new transformed boudoir. This doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise and remember to keep it minimal, as you DO NOT want to clutter your space. Add decorative cushions to your bed to accompany your new fresh bed linen. Maybe add decorative mirror, maybe some beautiful artwork. For inspiration on different styles for creating a boudoir then check out our pinterest page for ideas.

So, stop reading and get sorting, decluttering and feminising this beautiful space and turn it into the boudoir it deserves to be! And with a little effort you might be surprised at how much not only your sex life improves, but with the release of more oxytocin in your body your health and well-being too!

Picture Credit – Pinterest