When it comes to deodorants we have been brain washed into thinking that the ingredients do not matter, that they are completely safe to use long term and that they stop us sweating and smelling – that is what is truly important.

However, when you take the care to look closer and start to investigate the ingredients that make up a deodorant or antiperspirant you might be surprised – even horrified – to discover that many of those ingredients deemed safe are in fact hormone disruptors and or carcinogenic.

When you think about the role of an antiperspirant it actually forms a physical plug at the top of the sweat duct to prevent any sweat from being released onto the surface of the skin.  The key ingredient causing that is mainly aluminium salts also known as aluminium chlorhydrate, a known hormone disruptor.

A deodorant as opposed to an antiperspirant is designed to mask, alter or stop body odour from occurring. Body odour is caused by the action of bacteria on the skins surface, so many deodorants will have highly potent antimicrobial agents to kill the bacteria. One of the main ingredients used to stop odour is triclosan, which is also a well-known hormone disrupter.

Both antiperspirants and deodorants have other questionable ingredients in them like parabens which are added to preserve the product and prevent microorganisms forming. They also give the product shelf longevity. Parabens are known carcinogenics and endocrine disrupting agents.

Fragrance is a word you will see on the ingredients list. This is used to give a specific scent to the product. The minute you see the word ‘fragrance’ you can be guaranteed there are all sorts of chemical nasties in there containing anywhere up to and beyond 300 chemical components alone. Benzyl salicylate and benzyl benzoate are two highly questionable ingredients found in fragrances.

Pthalates are also present and not even written on the label. These are a group of chemicals, which are used as moisturizing components and fragrance carriers – again containing hundreds of chemicals many of which are known to be carcinogenic and hormone disrupting.

Conditioning agents and surfactants are often also present for slick and cleansing purposes. None of which are considered ultimately natural and safe for long-term use.

If you would like to know more about the impact these questionable ingredients can have on your health then check out the links below for more information.










Now, there is no doubting we all want to smell good and feel good. And chances are if you are reading this you will want to use something that is safe and still effective.

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