One of the quickest and easiest ways to use essential oils is to vaporise or diffuse them. Both vaporising and diffusing have the power to effect everyone in the room in a positive way and due to the antiseptic and antibacterial qualities of high quality essential oils this method of use can also help to ward off bugs and enhance everyone’s mood. Always make sure your vaporiser is fully glazed and has a fairly large crucible where the water gets filled. To use your vaporiser fill the top of the crucible with water, add 6-8 drops of your chosen essential oils or blend and then light the candle beneath so that the amazing aromas vaporise into the air. With your electric diffuser simply fill the compartment to the line and add 6-8 drops of your chosen essential oils or blend. Place the top of the diffuser back onto the unit and then switch it on to see a beautiful fine mist magically appear. The videos below explain why I love using both of my vaporiser and diffuser – morning and night! Kim x