Are you ready to invest in your own self care?

Presented by Australasia’s leading self-love expert Kim Morrison, the Essential Self Care Weekend is an incredible opportunity to indulge, recharge and upskill the vital secrets for a positive mindset and healthy body.

At the centre of our work is the ancient modality of aromatherapy, tapping into the healing, nurturing, and soothing properties of essential oils to promote and assist in physical and emotional wellbeing. This weekend inspires change.

And you are guaranteed to leave feeling happier and more fulfilled. It is a chance to fill your emotional love tank and replenish your soul. 

“I knew it would be an amazing weekend but it was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. It was priceless.”

“I knew I had potential but didn’t know how to dig deep and have confidence in myself. Your story has shown me so much, I feel unstoppable now.”

“I was aware I needed to make changes to my lifestyle. Thank you for giving me the tools to give myself permission to focus on myself and the tools to implement my actions.”

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