Everyday Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy – the use of essential oils – is an ancient modality that has been used throughout the centuries for things like healing and beauty, medicine and mood enhancement; however, it is only in the last century that it has become more scientifically validated.  Whether it is in a vaporiser or diffuser, a bath or compress essential oils are powerful and highly effective way to keep the mind and body healthy and well and it is important that before you use them you take the time to understand how to use them safely & effectively.

Aromatherapy, put simply, is a therapy using aromas. These aromas are called essential oils, which are extracted from herbs, grass, bark, flowers, resin, peel, roots or various other plant sources.

An essential oil is highly concentrated sometimes 70 times more than the plant is has come from. So the key point to remember with aromatherapy is less is best. Only a few drops are needed to make a difference.

Before you begin using essential oils it is important to understand that even though aromatherapy is a natural therapy it does not necessarily mean it is safe. It is imperative you read and understand the methods of use and purpose of use for individual oils.

There are many fantastic ways to use essential oils including massage, vaporisation, bathing, compressing, inhalation, footbaths, spritzer and, in a few instances, directly. The key is to be educated and seek the advice from reputable people and companies. To support your own Everyday Aromatherapy journey we have created below a quick reference blending chart to give you the precise total number of drops to use for each method of use for a healthy adult. Less is required for babies, children, elderly and pregnant women. This is the perfect guide to show you how to use the oils in your everyday life as a tool for health, healing and wellbeing.

The overall aim of holistic aromatherapy is to bring about a state of balance and harmony within the mind, body and soul. This is why high quality essential oils are so popular and have such incredible effects and results for so many.

In the MIND via the psycho-therapeutic effects of essential oils. Research is proving more and more about the amazing connection between our sense of smell and the behavioural & emotional centre of the brain.

In the BODY via the pharmacological actions of essential oils. Eucalyptus for example has expectorant and decongestant activity which is directly linked to the l,8-cineole content, which has the property of reducing the swelling of mucous membranes & loosening of phlegm.

And in the SOUL via the metaphysical qualities of essential oils. There is an incredible & rich history with the use of essential oils in religious and meditative ceremonies from the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Indians. Many today still use these powerful fragrances to enhance their own experience of enlightenment, contentment and inner peace.

We feel very proud to bring to you the highest grade, purest quality essential oils in the world with Twenty8 Aromatherapy.

 Massage 100ml = 50 drops (2:1 ratio or a 2.5% dilution)
 Daily Body Boost 6mls = 3 drops
 Vaporising 6-8 drops
 Bathing 3-6 drops
 Compress 3-4 drops
 Inhalation 3-4 drops
 Spritzer 3-6 drops
 Direct Application Place 1 drop on damp cotton bud

It is important to measure accurately, label all blends, store your essential oils in glass (preferably amber or cobalt) and be aware of all cautions. The key when blending is to make sure you are absolutely delighted with the combination. That way you are most likely to use it.