Aromatherapy is a versatile, quick and very effective therapy that anyone can use with care, in their daily life.

Within four seconds of inhaling an aroma the body responds via the brain and central nervous system by releasing certain chemicals and endorphins. So whether it is calming you need when stressed, or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, some emotional support at that time of the month, a bit of romantic support or an immune boost when feeling run down, the Twenty8 range of Aromatherapy Oils and Synergy blends are beautiful and highly effective.

Given the fact that stress and anxiety are the two major reasons people are lead to their doctor, it’s far better to invest in a way that is preventative and healing, rather than pay for illness later.

”Just knowing how to lift your mood in an instant, how to feel refreshed, calm and energised when you are running on empty, and how to look and feel fabulous naturally is truly a lifelong gift that will provide a wealthy health legacy for you and your family”. Rachael B.

We know people are busy, and we know it can be challenging at times to find a little time to nurture and care for yourself. So we have made it easy.

We have created the tools you need with the Twenty8 Aromatherapy range. If you follow the principles in Like Chocolate For Women and combine them with these powerful oils and blends, you have a formula that can literally change your life.

The Twenty8 Aromatherapy range brings the healing benefits of nature to you. When you combine human’s love of aromas and the therapeutic qualities of these plants, you have a dynamic therapy that can work on many levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Aromatherapy is by no means a new therapy, it has been documented and revered for thousands of years.

Imagine the words you would use to describe your best friends innate beauty. How would you connect with her and celebrate what she means to you? What would you tell her if she was not feeling at her best and remind her she is an exquisite, beautiful soul who is adored?

Consider Twenty8 your new best friend.

Twenty8 is a celebration of natural beauty, innate intelligence, unconditional love and pure connection. It is a beautiful, natural skincare and aromatherapy range, free from all harmful chemicals, preservatives and fragrances.

Each product is carefully formulated to balance, replenish and restore the skin as well as enhance the ultimate feeling of self-love with kindness around being your own best friend.

Every time you use Twenty8 you are connecting to the same feelings you would find being in nature. And with that comes a deeper level of self-love and acceptance and a reminder that you are truly beautiful and significant.

Twenty8 has primal and significant meaning. 

  • We know it takes twenty-eight days to form a new habit and normalise new rituals.
  • It takes twenty-eight days for new skin cells to restore and replenish themselves.
  • We are governed by twenty-eight day cycles of nature, such as the moon, the tides and a woman’s cycle.
  • When it comes to bio-rhythms, the rhythms of life, every twenty-three days is our physical cycle, every thirty-three days is our intellectual, and every twenty-eight days is our emotional cycle.

Twenty8 is an aromatherapy based range. Aromatherapy is a therapy using essential oils, all of which have an effect on our whole system. Smell is closely linked to our emotions and it is well known that emotions govern behaviour. Our emotional cycle is twenty-eight days.

Twenty8 was aptly named and developed with the rhythms of life and nature in mind. It only takes twenty-eight days to create a brand new awareness and respect for all that you are.

Awakens your skin, your senses and your soul.

Twenty8 uses therapeutic-grade, botanical ingredients to enhance efficacy and performance. They work on a deep cellular and psychological level combining the power of science and the beauty of nature.

Made in small batches, Twenty8 has a deep respect for sustainability, recycling and the long-term health of our planet. We refuse to accept ANY harmful, toxic and questionable ingredients that commonly used in eighty per cent of the skincare industry today.

By combining renowned powerful and restorative ingredients from nature, with simple, quick and effective rituals, Twenty8 offers a beauty and well-being range like no other.

The most important step to optimal wellness and aging well is a commitment to your self-care. Twenty8 makes this easy, affordable, fun and beautiful.

To see its significant and powerful effects in your life, we invite you to take on the Twenty8 Day Aroma Living Program where you will feel its potency at work for yourself.

Twenty8 Aromatherapy is a range of pure, high grade, therapeutic essential oils sourced from the most committed and environmentally aware farmers around the world.

With a beautiful selection of single oils and a unique range of exquisite synergy blends, carefully blended to support all of your emotional and physical needs, Twenty8 makes aromatherapy in your every day life easy.

The essential oils we have selected, singularly have been expertly blended into powerful 10ml synergy blends which are perfect self-care tools for your Daily Body Boost, in a vaporiser, bath, footbath, spritzer or on a tissue for instant effect.

Check out the best selling reference ‘Like Chocolate For Women’ for more information on what is aromatherapy, how it works and where you can use it effectively in every area of your life.