Thanks for tuning into Jessica Perez-Beebe’s Fit AF Entrepreneur Show. What an inspirational group of amazing speakers and entrepreneurs!


Here are your free gifts and bonus gift voucher from my heart to yours. I hope you enjoy them all.

~ Kim’s Manifesto For Living

~ 28 Day Aroma WOD eBook

~ The Barfoot Athlete eBook


Plus here is a 20% discount code for you if you are interested in using what I call my secret weapon for success which are my 100% organic essential oils and chemical free skincare. Twenty8 Essentials is my beautiful business that I have been passionately growing since 2008. Just head on over to  and put in your CODE at the checkout which is: FITAF

Plus an added bonus there is free postage on all orders over $150.

If you would like to work a little closer with me and know more about being your absolute best with a committed mindset then you can head on over to the Self Love & Wellness Mentorship Program where there is monthly and annual subscription packages just for you.


I look forward to spending more time with you. Thanks again for showing up!

Remember to stay in motion and stay in your own lane!

Love Kim xx


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