One Mum at a Time

When I first started Twenty8 I had a dream to change the world. I wanted to make a massive difference. And I dreamed of being the largest organic aromatherapy company in the Southern Hemisphere.

Over the past decade I have realized that a dream like that is huge, perhaps a tad unreasonable, not very specific and maybe a little out there.

I have also come to realise that’s not what gets me up every morning and makes me excited to get into the office. It is actually when I receive emails like this that my heart truly sings and I realize what my true purpose and passion is:

 Kim, I just wanted to reiterate my absolute gratitude and thanks for sharing your passion with me and creating such beautiful products as well as a wonderful program that has gone above and beyond every expectation I had.

 These last few months have been nothing short of extraordinary for me, to the point that I have felt a complete change in my mind-set and how I approach my role as a mum, a wife and in my work.

 My husband and I had the best and most frank discussion we have had in a very long time last night. I shared with him many of the insights I have gained through you and he is totally supportive and encouraging of me.

 I completed my very first ever vision board last night and am truly committed to helping my daughters and their friends learn to love themselves right up, looking at what they eat, how to treasure their bodies, how to heal themselves when their systems are compromised and how to take special care.

 There are so many positives that I have taken away with me that I simply can not stop smiling. Thank you. For everything you do, and everything that is yet to come, Thank you.

 It moves me every time I read it.

My big dream to change the world is now actually way more inspiring and real for me. My goal, through the powers of essential oils and self-care, is to see how I can help one woman, one mum at a time, appreciate their incredible, innate intelligence, recognize their beauty and understand how important and special they truly are.

Imagine. Just imagine the impact that could have in a home, within a community, a nation and the world. I seriously love it.