Connection is the life force of our business. Connecting with our precious customers and understanding your desires, needs and concerns. Creating healthy relationships with our contractors and manufacturers. Creating powerful connections to our planet and the importance of chemical-free, organic, high-grade ingredients. We believe it’s important to honour our incredibly special team members and value the role we each play in our community.


Take care of yourself. Love yourself all up and value the gift in doing so. Appreciate you are the entity in which you get to live your life, follow your dreams and drive your passions. Show that you care for what happens within your community, your work and your family and know that will be reflected back in many ways. Most importantly taking care of yourself is by choosing the best you possibly can with all you put IN to and ON to your body. After all, self-care is not selfish it’s essential.


The most important thing for you to remember in this journey called life is that is you are not alone, people are willing to help and support you, you only have to ask. Collaborating with others for the greater good, joining forces and connecting in a synergistic way is incredibly empowering. Collaboration with others is one of the most pleasurable, humbling and empowering aspects of life and something we truly value.


Giving back, helping others, and enjoying the journey. Ultimately this is what we hope to achieve at Twenty8. Being able to create a range of products and services that helps you is our greatest wish. We love to serve our community and help others. We offer scholarships to our programs, products to charities and our time for worthy causes. This is the most liberating part of what we do. It’s the old adage – the more you give, the more you receive.