Forest Bathing Synergy Set


A 4 pack of our 10ml 100% Organic Forest Bathing Essential Oil Synergy Blends beautifully presented in our unique gift box.

Zen Synergy Blend 10ml

A blend to help you find guidance and wisdom through the power of thought, trusting your intuition, connecting to what is true to you.

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Ikigai Synergy Blend 10ml

A blend to focus on your reason for being inspired by your values and life purpose, embracing all that brings you joy, bliss and happiness.

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Shinrin Yoku Synergy Blend 10ml

A blend to breathe in the forest atmosphere with all of your senses bringing a conscious and contemplative desire to reflect within.

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Naikan Synergy Blend 10ml

A blend to inspire you to step back and reflect, honouring yourself with a profound sense of gratitude for all the blessings bestowed on you.

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