Role Model not Super model

There’s a new breed of super models hitting the world stage and I absolutely love it.

Role models are women who have a healthy perspective around their health, wellness, bodies, relationships, families, work, responsibilities and appearance.

With the amount of pressure women put on themselves to be everything to everyone is it any wonder we can sometimes feel less than worthy and totally overwhelmed? It’s actually downright ridiculous.

I think perhaps its time we acknowledged that ordinary is OK. That we focused on being a role model for those we love, more than aiming at some false elusive image of being the perfect woman – whatever that looks like, as I am still not quite sure!

I love the fact that more and more women are starting to appreciate that perhaps ordinary is actually the extraordinary, because let’s face it, it is real.

We seem to like women who tell it as it is, women who share their challenges, stories and fears. We look up to them when they show us that in spite of those challenges, stories and fears they show up, front up and step up.

There are times when we need to acknowledge the tough moments, the things that rattle our worlds and appreciate that life is not always perfect, or as we would like it.

We might not be happy with our bodies because we haven’t had the time to commit to changing it or getting fit. We might not have enough money because we are raising kids and not earning enough in a paid job. We might be going through a rough patch in our relationship because, well just because we are so damned exhausted.

It is what it is. And that’s OK. Women that inspire us are women who aspire to give and be their best.

So rather than think we ought to the perfect housewife, mother, friend, sister, employee, working woman, boss, cook, cleaner, home manager and the hottest lover on the planet, how about we tap into our vulnerability, our ‘normalness’ and celebrate who we are for what we are.

One of my greatest wishes is that women champion themselves a little more and realise they are beautiful just the way they are. Take a breath, an aromatic one if you please, and be grateful for all that you have. It’s time we lightened up a little and focused on the true meaning of being a role model.