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Beauty is being in Harmony with who you are ♥

Self-care is not selfish it’s essential

How to be healthy in three easy steps! The Happiness Diet – three weeks to a brand new you! Exclusive: the new health pills that make you fit and fabulous!

If only changing ourselves for the better was that easy! The truth is that being healthy, happy and the best you can be is all about commitment. A lasting commitment to a healthy lifestyle made up of the hundreds of small but important choices you make every single day. But what does it take to look after yourself and how do you have a healthy lifestyle in this sophisticated world? How do you know whether you’re really making good decisions about the way you live, what you buy and how you treat yourself?

Health & Lifestyle Education Program

The Twenty8 Signature Diffuser has an elegant bamboo veneer finish and refined minimalist appearance giving it a modern style and look to suit any room.

It operates in a powerful yet subtle way with just 10 drops of pure essential oils needed and water added to the large 600ml unit giving it well over 12 hours of continuous mist. 

Diffusing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to create an aroma that calms the mind and enhances the mood. The ultrasonic technology utilises high frequency vibrations to atomize the liquid, meaning there is no need for heat source. Each micro sized droplet is coated with a fine layer of the essential oils. This cool mist becomes a vapour which spreads evenly throughout the room, and is easily inhaled and absorbed at very safe levels.

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Absolutely blown away by these product, it’s message and heart-felt integrity. ‘Aromatic anchors’ as Kim calls them will now punctuate my day – keeping me centred, in a state of trust and aligned with what really matters. Thank you thank you thank you


Love love LOVE these products!! The oils smell divine and the facial products are fantastic. Kim is amazing and I love what she stands for and admire her so much

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our unique synergy blends really are some what AMAZING!

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