Self-Care Is Not Selfish – It’s Essential

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If only changing ourselves for the better was that easy! The truth is that being healthy, happy and the best you can be is all about commitment. A lasting commitment to a healthy lifestyle made up of the hundreds of small but important choices you make every single day. But what does it take to look after yourself and how do you have a healthy lifestyle in this sophisticated world? How do you know whether you’re really making good decisions about the way you live, what you buy and how you treat yourself?

We all want to be healthy and happy at heart, but so many of us feel overwhelmed by information overload. Life just isn’t like a magazine cover line. The world around us is becoming more complex, technical, processed and filled with more and more choices.

Food choices are not that simple anymore. You may have become aware in recent years that you should always read food labels – but how do you make sense of them? And what happens if I don’t eat organic foods, or don’t know a food’s glycemic index or what it means to be truly paleo?

It’s about sorting through the growing mountain of nutritional information and lifestyle science out there and finding the truth. Basic down to earth evidence about looking after the most important asset in your life: your health.

It is well known that the two biggest excuses why people don’t look after themselves are time and money! It has been proven however, it is more about prioritization. If you really want to be fit and healthy then it’s simple, you make that your number one.

Your body is an amazingly complex machine, as finely-tuned as nature itself, each part working synergistically with the rest. How you treat, feed and exercise your body dramatically affects the fine balance in which it operates, how you feel and ultimately how much you can do and get out of your life.

With the fast pace of today’s world and the pressures on you to achieve and succeed, it’s even more important to support your body to maintain good health. Yet often we turn to quick fixes and instant remedies. Fast foods, instant meals and so-called ‘health snacks’ or nutrition supplements have taken precedence over old-fashioned wholesome eating. Miracle creams and the latest scientific anti-aging serums have overridden the age-old remedies for supporting skin health.

Maybe we just need to take a breath. Questioning the minds of doctors, nutritionists and scientists to find out what’s really in those food and skincare products on the shelves and what’s going to work best in synergy with your body. Ironically, in an era when food and skincare technology has become incredibly sophisticated, there is information on the benefits (or otherwise) of our purchases but it is ever changing. One day a product is hailed as the ultimate health miracle, the next it’s said to be carcinogenic or toxic. Maybe it’s even a little of both. So it’s important to get the full picture. The truth.

There’s no quick fixes, I know, but I can assure you there are many amazing companies and people out there with sound thinking and inspiration – more than you’re ever going to need! Most important thing to remember is self-care is not selfish – it’s essential!


Kim Morrison