100% natural, 6-star certified pure organic essential oils and blends

Twenty8 has primal and significant meaning. It takes 28 days to create a habit; we are governed by 28-day cycles including the moon and tides; a woman’s cycle is centred around 28 days and it takes skin cells 28 days to rejuvenate. These natural rhythms align perfectly with the natural organic botanical ingredients in our essential oils and chemical-free skincare products.

Essential oils are pure plant extracts with an aroma that is at least 70 times more concentrated than the herb or plant from which it is extracted. Not all plants contain essential oils, and only a small number of these are of therapeutic quality. They are not fragrances of perfumed oils that are constructed in a laboratory and are naturally free from harmful chemicals.

Synthetic or adulterated counterparts do not have the same therapeutic qualities as a pure essential oil. Twenty8 uses only 100% natural, 6-star certified pure organic essential oils in our single oils, synergy blends, and chemical-free skincare products. We do not use nature identical or diluted oils, and the high degree of purity of our products means that you can use less of it while still achieving the desired results.

Diffusers & Vaporisers

Scented candles often contain known carcinogens which are released into the air when burned. By contrast essential oil diffusers release fragrant water vapor, only occasionally having to be filled with a small amount of water and a few drops of essential oil which help improve your mood. If health matters to you, the right choice is pretty clear.


essential oil synergy blends

We have taken our knowledge and expertly combined 6-star certified pure organic essential oils into a selection of 12 synergy blends.


cooking with essential oils

Culinary oils to add flavour to your favourite dishes. We have created three sets of oils for use when creating sweet, savoury or chocolate treats. These high quality oils are incredibly potent so only a few drops are required when being used to add intense flavour to your favourite dish, desert or treat.



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