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Twenty8 is a 100% natural range of skincare and pure organic essential oils and blends

Twenty8 is a 100% natural range, free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. Carefully developed to support your physical and emotional needs, an important aspect of aging well. Working on a cellular and psychological level as well as synergistically with nature, Twenty8 is a truly wholistic aromatherapy based range to help slow the aging process and rejuvenate the cells offering a unique and natural approach to health and beauty.

Our signature Twenty8 DIFFUSER

The Twenty8 Signature Diffuser has an elegant bamboo veneer finish and refined minimalist appearance giving it a modern style and look to suit any room.

It operates in a powerful yet subtle way with just 10 drops of pure essential oils needed and water added to the large 600ml unit giving it well over 12 hours of continuous mist. 

Diffusing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to create an aroma that calms the mind and enhances the mood. The ultrasonic technology utilises high frequency vibrations to atomize the liquid, meaning there is no need for heat source. Each micro sized droplet is coated with a fine layer of the essential oils. This cool mist becomes a vapour which spreads evenly throughout the room, and is easily inhaled and absorbed at very safe levels.

Our LIMITED EDITION seasonal blend

Spring – a time for new beginnings

This exquisite seasonal synergy blend is all about embracing the new energy of Spring.

As leaves start to bud, blossoms bloom and new life appears a sense of new beginnings and new dreams can occur. Perfect time of year for our seasonal blend Inspire Me. This is a combination of Lemon to uplift and bring clarity, Basil to bring focus and better decision making, Ylang Ylang to bring about balance and tranquility, Thyme to help forge forward and bring courage and Jasmine for optimism and confidence.

Together these oils are ideal in a vaporiser (or diffuser) to increase positive vibration and energy in a room. As a body boost it will also bring a sense of calm and increased self-awareness. In a spritzer it will cleanse the air and purify the mind.

Inspire Me is refreshing, uplifting, focusing and of course inspiring. It is the perfect blend to increase your self awareness and confidence. The perfect aroma to support you to get things done!


OUR range of pure, high grade, essential oils sourced from the most committed and environmentally aware farmers around the world.

Essential Oils & Synergy Blends

Essential Oils

Be your own kind of BEAUTIFUL


Self-care is your divine responsibility

Kim Morrison

WEEKLY newsletter

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I am so excited to introduce our beautiful new Lavender Flower Water that was inspired by my trip to the Lavender fields in France last year!

This pure 100% organic Lavender Flower Water is one of the most potent yet calming and healing of all plant hydrosols. Produced during the steam distillation of lavender it is known to be highly antiseptic, cleansing and a wonderful skin elixir. It’s healing qualities make it ideal for calming inflamed conditions and wounds. It is also an excellent insect repellent and a highly cleansing spritz to use in the household or office.

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